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Subject: Elder Hunsaker's emails 5/20/13 and 5/27/13 and pictures

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From: Bradford Hunsaker [] Sent: Monday, May 20, 2013 2:06 PM
Emmers! i don’t know what month I'm coming home silly i don’t think until November. how was swimming? on the 23rd school is over, wow. how cool! I love you. your the best baby sister ever!

Dylan-Hey buddy i have 250 pesos beat that! don’t cry when i get home buddy you’ll be fine!

Cassie-that is really tough cassie. I am sorry she has cancer once again. I’m sorry that things are not going well but cassie remember that you need to be there for her as much as you can. be a good friend and a good example cass. you know i love you and things will be ok just help them. explain the plan of salvation to the family if you can. 

Mom- So this Kenny guy wrote a song for Tyler ? Cool. it is a tough deal with all this stuff going on. We all love those families. help Jacque as much as you can. haha Katie got a tattoo? that is awesome about Emmie having a freak out fit. she is a crazy nut i cant wait to see this little monster when i get home. Dylan sleep walking that is great. sounds like a fun night! that is cool that the missionary who spoke knew Christian P. who was the missionary who returned?

I’m doing fine with my health. we are finding those who we need and things are going good. don’t worry mom I’m fine really. just wait until i get home then we can worry ;) just messing. I love you mom be good and stay up don’t get down. keep your head high.

Dad-Next week are transfers and i don’t think they will be pulling my out of my area. i talked it over with presidente and he even told me that the area is not a area for new missionaries only for those who have experience. haha the whole thing is that everyone says that there is no hard area that is a lie! there are hard areas, doesn’t matter the missionary. why does your convert think that life is going to be perfect after he is baptized? if anything it is tougher your held at a higher responsibility of everything you need to do.
You have got to be kidding me, she ran out of gas in front of the station! cassie is a dork master! there is no other words to describe her other than the dumbest smartest person we all know. gez haha the Yankees and dbacks are in first we will see who stays there longer! 
ok I’ll stick with the camera i got. thank you. I love you dad!
So ready for this weeks story!....
There was a random man who showed up to our church services this week. his name is Ruben. he has no job his brother is a member of the other stake next to ours. he loves the church he lives on the Island . he is preparing himself to learn more. he is dedicated to coming to church every Sunday without fault. he is ready to learn the Gospel and ready to live it. we talked about prophets on Sunday and we showed a picture of Thomas S. Monson to him and the class. after talking and finishing we asked him how can you know if Thomas Monson is a prophet. he said, well if he wasn’t a prophet, God would remove him from where he is at in the church. pretty good answer huh? we are amazed at how God just prepares the people to receive us!

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From: Bradford Hunsaker [] Sent: Monday, May 27, 2013 11:48 AM
Emmers- I don’t think mermaids exist either little girly. how was the new phx temple little girl? how is it not being in school why are you spazing out? be a good girl Emmie or else you cant get baptized! I love you.
Dylan-I don’t owe you nothing buster! I love you and miss you. how is it not having school?

Cassie. Ok don’t get lazy now that school is out you still need to study spanish. because if you don’t poco y poco vas perder el lenguaje. salí? que pasa chika? no salio el ano con puro As? preparase mi hermanita tu vida vas cambiar mucho cunado yo vengo! ;) la verdad es que tengo mucho gozo a verte. como le va el descanso? créame cass tu tienes mucho para estudiar en las escrituras. te amo mucho estoy muy feliz en tus decisiones. Sea el ejemplo siempre. buenopue tenga un buen semana! 
Mom- I uploaded new fotos :) the kid in the bucket he is taking a bath yep thats right a bath. a huge banana, i tried calling last night but i couldn’t get the dang thing to get reception. really Chad got his EMT and Walker that’s awesome! I'm happy to see that I’m not alone. you have got to be kidding me! its already time for summer break! i cant believe it! so lucky its been raining non stop here its coming down heavy. and apparently this rain season is going to be bad! they say like 18 hurricanes should pass through this year. crazy! Cassie a senor that is messed up how old am i? i cant believe how fast time has passed by I’m so scared to think about how things have changed. that is awesome those things Emmers says they’re so funny. she has a little bit of problems but ok good luck with that. awh man i wish i was there to find some snakes and what not for his birthday party. I don’t suggest her studying in Spain until she has asked the Lord if it is correct and if she wants heck ill go out there and study with her. going to Spain when its time for the running of the Bulls :) lets go together!
my week was good i was so focused in the work this week now things are turning around my companion is leaving tomorrow to a new area we have a baptism next week as well :) Things were interesting this week at church i can tell you this much we were conducting church services this week haha. no other priesthood came so yeah my companion and i conducted church services... don’t ask haha. I love you mom! Felicidades my mother you are getting so young :) I really hope the best for you on this special day and think next year i can be there to actually celebrate it with you. live life good mom but do it right. I miss you i wont lie. have a great day mom FELIZ CUMPLIANOS! 
Dad-  Things are going ok funny but good. i didn’t think i would ever be conducting church services but hey there is a first time for everything. that is a joke dude. how can you buy tickets and then lie saying there against the Yankees when they weren’t your a joke! 
when i want to go to salt lake city again its to see some of my friends, maybe get sealed there, other than that ah heck no i aint going back! i don’t really want to go to cali when its cold haha lets go when its nice and warm please! Jordin Gardner graduated nice! when is he off on a mission? how are things going with you? its raining hardcore out here and its hotter than hot! gez I’m doing good though. :)
I love you dad!
From: Bradford Hunsaker []
Sent: Monday, April 15, 2013 1:58 PM

Emmers! how was the party lots of creatures? sounds really fun and interesting to me! what did you touch? I love you too Emmie :) i know your big I'm scared to see you I’m afraid that your bigger than me.

Dylan- hey buddy what’s up? how are you doing? my week was ok kinda slow. how was the race did you win? I love you too Dylan do good in your races coming up! :)

Cassie! Hermanita como estas? 7 hoars no me diga estas loca! haha y la ACT? como le fue? como estas tu cabeza creo que duele un pocito no? jaja pues claro que no hizo dano no hay nada a entra para recibir el dolor ;) just kidding LOVE YOU! ya ya cayese no quiero pensar en mi regresa. te amo hermana portase bien y haz lo justo y bien. lo hare mi hermana. tu tambien tenga un buen semana :)

Mom-! don’t worry. wait until mothers day its better in person well it wont be in person but as personal as it can get! :) yeah things are going great with my comp. he is doing so good. he learns quick which helps. wow nana is going on the senior trip this time. i want to see those fotos from when Papa took us. I don’t remember seeing them. thank you ill be waiting to see it when i get home! i cant wait to be honest to get home and start running again. i miss being able to just go on a nice run. I love you very much as well mom! have a great week and be good to those around you. mom i want you to be a great missionary ok in order for you to do that i want you to do something this week dad will do it as well. I don’t care who it is just make sure they are not a member but find someone and ask them face to face if they "will follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone who holds the priesthood authority" this question is super strong bold and a chance to explain the gospel to those who are lost. invite someone fulfilling your roll as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. I don’t care if you’re scared to do it the Lord will put the words into your mouth when the time comes. be good I love you and invite someone. 

dad. what’s up dude? you have the same instructions as mom and a little more. as a priesthood holder and as a return missionary you hold this gift to baptize. why don’t you be a great leader and ask someone as well. when the time comes you can explain to them that you are a holder of such a sacred power. things haven’t changed, things are going good. I’m stoked for this next change to work harder and learn more. that is pretty cool that Elder Holland called the Hallseys. I love you all have a great week fools!

Friday, December 28, 2012


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Happy 21st Birthday Elder Hunsaker

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picking red seeds out of a pod to make paint for this house
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Found a stray horse in the street.  Doesn't that happen in your neighborhood?

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Proof that he is working hard!

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12/03/12 email

Emmers I love you too! I totally got your letter thank you little girl! :) how were the cookies you made? I’m so glad you had a good week. how was sleeping by the tree? bye!
Dylan! how are you buddy? Your bike is not getting too small your just growing taller but that means you need to be eating more food and growing more. if your not trying new food you wont keep growing! I love you Dylan thank you for the letters!
Cassie- Claro que si tuve un semana buenismo! soy padre ahora! buen son dichos de the mision pero soy entraniador de esta elder ahor!a! bueno estoy listo para esta fin de mes la verdad porque vamos a hablar! whoooo! cant wait. bueno no importa mi cumpleaños la verdad no me voy hacer nada. y tu que haces? que vas hacer? no me digas nada es mas de 80 grados todo el año aqui! quien eres tu masestro de algebra? buenopue te amo hermanita!
Madre- I’m doing good I'm just having fun being the teacher now haha!. I did get the kids letters it was really nice! i got the package yes. i don’t know why you haven’t gotten my package yet I’m worried about where it is. gez yeah it took a while for you to get the ipod off. yes if you send chocolate it melts every time. but send some reeses anyway. packages take like 10 days of 15 to get to me. gez sounds like your all behind on your Christmas stuff! what a dork he put the lights up with tape? what is he thinking? that won’t hold. ok nice let me know how the BBQ goes. i don’t want to think about how old Cassie is its a joke. hit cassie in the shoulder with a big noodle from the pool and say happy birthday from brad :) I will ask them what they do for Christmas. but they do some fun stuff here they make giant dolls of papier-mâché, i cant spell anymore or think. but they blow them up in the streets. they always eat turkey. i totally forgot to tell you all, i ate Armadillo on saturday! it was great I love you mom! :)
Dad! What’s up dude? things are good i cant believe how fast the weeks travel.  i don’t even know what to think anymore just flies by! thanks for the letter you sent. i couldn’t read it all the way because your lettering is bad haha. nice nice cardinals have lost 8 games in a row! how when are they playing? isn’t his name like jamqui or something like that. from Chicagoright? the basketball player. look into for me a little of what's up with Travis Pastrana please.
work is good i taught this new missionary a lot of stuff. we will keep working. its tough though I’m basically solo out here. i do all the talking. i do all the scripture work. he doesn’t really know what is going on so its tough. how did the cord to the tree melt?? I’m like the “father” for this elder, he came from a kid who didn’t know how to teach him because he was Mexican. it was bad. I’m doing good having a great time. teaching gets tough when i turn to him to see if he wants to say something and knows nothing of the conversation nor hardly Spanish. oh well :) I’m baptizing Rosario this week the dude is so sweet!
I love you dad

Alrighty then story for dad and his missionaries and the Ward (this is Brad’s helpful advice for West to give during his talk on missionary work that was this Sunday).
Preach my gospel chpt 13 explains the whole chapter how we are to work with the missionaries teachers, members, bishops, children, teenagers everyone. The work is tough without help trust me i know. I’m working with my companions and really no one else. We forget and sometimes just don’t want to work. sometimes we think the missionaries will take care of it all. I taught my ward the last hour of Sunday school this week i shared with them multiple scriptures. the first was this one D&C 88:81-82 the last part tells us not to have an excuse to pass up a moment to share the Gospel. and then there are some of you who are new. there are some of you who are old. heck there are some that are young return missionaries who just aren’t doing the work, it doesn’t stop. 1 Tim 4:1 is another scripture i shared with my branch. it explain clearly there will be some who will fall. there will be others who wont hear us because there listening to another church. does this matter? no it doesn’t. we are teachers and witnesses to these things forever. we cant give up. we need to pray for those who don’t listen pray for there hearts to change. then i read to them D&C 100:6-8  after i explained we have the time everyday we need not to worry what to say as long as we are ready the spirit will testify it. the spirit will show you more of the truth at the same time testify through you to them. i then read Hebrews 10:24-25. we need works of love for these people. we need to serve them. look for times to serve and show your heart. i then closed with some other scriptures but i cant remember them all right now. i also told them how the book the miracle of forgiveness explains to us if we have sins of omission it falls on our head. i closed with Jacob 1:19 we have to magnify our calling! that was my story. but it turned out great because the peoples faces lit up and realized they were in the wrong by not helping the work. i had people tell me afterwards they are going to find friends. so we will so how it all goes. :) I love you all goodbye!

11/26/12 email

Emmers- Your build a bear is named sparkles?! I'm going to steal her when i get home! :) really how was your birthday? was the airplane show cool? I love you and miss you :)

Dylan! i did not have turkey Dylan haha they don’t celebrate thanksgiving. i did nothing but work. I will speak spanish when i get home i wont be able to speak english. I think Dylan that Santa Claus will probably wait to visit me in a year that way i can have a bigger present :) i will wait to ask him until next year what i want. I love you Dylan miss you too!

Cassie- Que paso con mi Ipod? por donde esta? solamente tres dias ya tramposa! chamaca no esta haciendo nada! hmmmm creo que tu no sepas como hablar o escribir correcto jaja. pero no necisita precupe yo puedo entender :) sicomo esta la casa? quien puso la luz arriba la casa mi papa? que esta haciendo con tu tiempo ahora? hacer exerciso o que? haga algo por fa! la pelicula Elf esta muy chistoso! adios mi hermana te amo! 

Madre! I did get Liz's package i forgot to tell her thank you. i have no idea where the heck my scout shirt is haha. if you find it who ever needs it can use it.
I’m glad the talks and the funeral went well. He was a good man. i remember when i talked with him he was always so straight. thank you mom i appreciate it. that is tough on the whole family :/ 
This week was good a hard last week but good. i got some cool news I’ll let you know at the end of this letter. I’m doing great here things are going well as far as work finding news and setting up baptisms for the next month. how is work going with you and your friend from the office? Bailey Roque is getting married.Sterling wants to eat dinner or something but he is waiting for you to call cause he doesn’t have anything to do right now. call him. I love you mom! adios!

Dad- I want to let you know that the Cardinals do suck! its some revelation i received. did you go play in the turkey bowl or did you wuss out another year because your to old???? I’m going to take it you wussed out! Mexico is smelly and well it only gets the same everyday still a fun thing to wake up and walk outside and say wow I’m still in Mexico haha. glad your still working! don’t be a flojo or a frito! gez your so old, your anniversary, 19 years of torture my poor mother. I love you very much too father.

SO this week was fun the last week of transfers always SUCKS its so hard to work. but its all good I’m now going to be what they call missionaries here, a step dad (padrasto) which is a missionary term here i don’t know how they do it state side but my first comp was elder atenco so he is my dad the comp after him was elder guitterez so he would be my step dad. I’m going to be the step dad of a elder named anderson. which well be weird because i will be doing a lot of work as far as trying to teach him more spanish and the area as well i will be doing most of the work now because he is new. Funnesss!! but as far as stories go this week was so funny we had some great talks lined up for the services but some guy in our branch is crazy in the head. he got up one time to give the invocation and recited the catholic padre nuerstro prayer (sorry in english i cant remember what its called). Other times he has just gone up randomly and said things “like do you love your neighbor. do you know how to blow your faith i don’t think you know how to blow”. haha just random crap its always so funny. so this week he got up and walked to the pulpit and started to give a talk it was not his turn nor his day to give a talk but he got up and did it anyway started reading a chapter from the bible so funny. everyone was trying to keep quite. the guy were are teaching his name is Rosario he is getting baptized the 8th of december. he is so awesome. He asks us for priesthood blessings because he has faith he will be healed of his diseases and he knows its true which is awesome. he comes to church and takes notes. he learns so much. always reading as well. yep that’s my story for the week :) love you!!

11/19/12 email

Emmers- I love you sister! gez your hand got huge from that bug bite! your so old emmers! happy 7th Birthday! :D. how was your party? do you like your American Girl doll? I love you and miss you too emmers! I cant wait to baptize you emmers!

Dylan- You saw a coyote? did you run the coyote over? that is awesome i hope you have a great time Dylan! i Love you Dylan! yes you can shoot it just don’t shoot your eye out!

Cassie!yo estoy bien como estas tu? nada la verdad nos jugabamos y ensenabamos a los demas. claro que si! haha como le fue el proyecto? que haces ahora con su tiempo? esta bien padre pero no se quien es esta hombre. gez muchos se fueron. itche! jaja pobresito Dylan. Te amo mi hermana. y que paso en esta evento si tiene una lettra de varsity bien hecho mi hermanaita! :D te amo y te kiero! adios

Mother. gracias por lo aviso! Thank you for letting me know about Jerry. It is very sad he left this world but I know he is doing better. I will miss him. Emmie’s hand is huge! What kind of bug bit her? Thank you I’ll be waiting for the IPOD. Yes I have a charger here I do have speakers too! That picture of me on the bike was when I was moving houses we used a tricycle to move all of the house. On the front of the bike was a giant basket. That is awesome that Emmie's party went well. What is this doll she got? Nice keep helping her to come to church mom. :) I love you so much too mom! :D

Dad. Take some pictures for me at the funeral. I’m doing good we are struggling with these new rules for baptisms its tough on those who want it but its necessary for us to do these new rules so that we can find those who are chosen. Right now there is this kid named Carlos over my shoulder reading my letter funny thing is he was supposed to get baptized but is scared of his dad. It’s tough but we are finding those who need the church and those who will stay firm in the church. I’ll be tripping in 20 years because ill be old like you ;) but that is awesome that someone you baptized as a missionary found you. I'm glad your doing work over there and not being a frito. You'll understand that word when it comes to Christmas I’ll explain it. That is so fun though getting letters like that from people from your mission. How was work? I love you dad have a great week!

11/12/12 email

Emmers! I don’t know where is it! I love you! Your the best sister ever! .) I can’t believe your turning 70 your so old ;) Thanks M I’ll find my way home I hope

Dylan- Hey buddy! uummm ask dad wheremexico is haha. I haven’t gotten my letter yet. How was the parade? I miss you too. I love you!
Cass- Estas en cerio quien se gano? yo quiero correr una kart. wow porque ellos se van? y cuando? no manchas cass si sabe como manijar o que? tan suerte tienen nadie se robaron usteds. ya ya ya una chiste tu no puedes a vivir aqui. adios mi hermana! te amo

Hola me madre. nah yo lo sienti nada. entonces realmente no pasa nada aqui pero era bien fuerte en Guatemala si. To be honest I don’t know too much the effect of the earthquake inGuatemala. Only that it was super strong and we didn’t feel jack. It was while we were out walking so yeah we didn’t feel anything. I'm glad you got to talk with Sterling chamaco! Good get together with him. No way Pres Eyring said swagger! That is so awesome. That is sweet sounds like a fun parade! Wow the outlet Christmas tree is already up. Yes we can have an ipod! Have fun at Emmie’s party. Is it cold yet? Things are good. It was beautiful this week, nice weather wasn’t to hot at all. That is funny what Emmie said about wanting to keep the ipod for herself. Tell her she can have the ipod in year when I get home. I love you mom keep safe and healthy!

Dad- I’m doing good how are you? I don’t have a clue what will go down with Sterling. He had been out 17 months in the mission when he had to come home for surgery. I’m thinking so much in Spanish it hurts to write English. I don’t like it. Yeah I heard about the election, pretty lame.
NO ASU lost to usc :/ lame I won’t hear the end of that one when I get home from my buddy Q. Why are they dishing everyone out on the dback do they not understand they need those players. I have talked to Christian a little he sounds like he was doing ok. Just having a tough time with comps. I don’t know how long I’ll be here maybe one more transfer. What’s up with Reber, where is he again? Work is great here we are setting up some major key baptisms. I can’t wait to see the end result of these ones. Haha well there are a lot of average elders its state side missionaries! ;) I love you very much too! Have a  great week!