Friday, December 28, 2012

11/19/12 email

Emmers- I love you sister! gez your hand got huge from that bug bite! your so old emmers! happy 7th Birthday! :D. how was your party? do you like your American Girl doll? I love you and miss you too emmers! I cant wait to baptize you emmers!

Dylan- You saw a coyote? did you run the coyote over? that is awesome i hope you have a great time Dylan! i Love you Dylan! yes you can shoot it just don’t shoot your eye out!

Cassie!yo estoy bien como estas tu? nada la verdad nos jugabamos y ensenabamos a los demas. claro que si! haha como le fue el proyecto? que haces ahora con su tiempo? esta bien padre pero no se quien es esta hombre. gez muchos se fueron. itche! jaja pobresito Dylan. Te amo mi hermana. y que paso en esta evento si tiene una lettra de varsity bien hecho mi hermanaita! :D te amo y te kiero! adios

Mother. gracias por lo aviso! Thank you for letting me know about Jerry. It is very sad he left this world but I know he is doing better. I will miss him. Emmie’s hand is huge! What kind of bug bit her? Thank you I’ll be waiting for the IPOD. Yes I have a charger here I do have speakers too! That picture of me on the bike was when I was moving houses we used a tricycle to move all of the house. On the front of the bike was a giant basket. That is awesome that Emmie's party went well. What is this doll she got? Nice keep helping her to come to church mom. :) I love you so much too mom! :D

Dad. Take some pictures for me at the funeral. I’m doing good we are struggling with these new rules for baptisms its tough on those who want it but its necessary for us to do these new rules so that we can find those who are chosen. Right now there is this kid named Carlos over my shoulder reading my letter funny thing is he was supposed to get baptized but is scared of his dad. It’s tough but we are finding those who need the church and those who will stay firm in the church. I’ll be tripping in 20 years because ill be old like you ;) but that is awesome that someone you baptized as a missionary found you. I'm glad your doing work over there and not being a frito. You'll understand that word when it comes to Christmas I’ll explain it. That is so fun though getting letters like that from people from your mission. How was work? I love you dad have a great week!

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