Friday, December 28, 2012

11/12/12 email

Emmers! I don’t know where is it! I love you! Your the best sister ever! .) I can’t believe your turning 70 your so old ;) Thanks M I’ll find my way home I hope

Dylan- Hey buddy! uummm ask dad wheremexico is haha. I haven’t gotten my letter yet. How was the parade? I miss you too. I love you!
Cass- Estas en cerio quien se gano? yo quiero correr una kart. wow porque ellos se van? y cuando? no manchas cass si sabe como manijar o que? tan suerte tienen nadie se robaron usteds. ya ya ya una chiste tu no puedes a vivir aqui. adios mi hermana! te amo

Hola me madre. nah yo lo sienti nada. entonces realmente no pasa nada aqui pero era bien fuerte en Guatemala si. To be honest I don’t know too much the effect of the earthquake inGuatemala. Only that it was super strong and we didn’t feel jack. It was while we were out walking so yeah we didn’t feel anything. I'm glad you got to talk with Sterling chamaco! Good get together with him. No way Pres Eyring said swagger! That is so awesome. That is sweet sounds like a fun parade! Wow the outlet Christmas tree is already up. Yes we can have an ipod! Have fun at Emmie’s party. Is it cold yet? Things are good. It was beautiful this week, nice weather wasn’t to hot at all. That is funny what Emmie said about wanting to keep the ipod for herself. Tell her she can have the ipod in year when I get home. I love you mom keep safe and healthy!

Dad- I’m doing good how are you? I don’t have a clue what will go down with Sterling. He had been out 17 months in the mission when he had to come home for surgery. I’m thinking so much in Spanish it hurts to write English. I don’t like it. Yeah I heard about the election, pretty lame.
NO ASU lost to usc :/ lame I won’t hear the end of that one when I get home from my buddy Q. Why are they dishing everyone out on the dback do they not understand they need those players. I have talked to Christian a little he sounds like he was doing ok. Just having a tough time with comps. I don’t know how long I’ll be here maybe one more transfer. What’s up with Reber, where is he again? Work is great here we are setting up some major key baptisms. I can’t wait to see the end result of these ones. Haha well there are a lot of average elders its state side missionaries! ;) I love you very much too! Have a  great week!

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