Friday, December 28, 2012

11/05/12 email

Emmers! I miss you too little munchkin :) wow your getting so old little on I can’t believe it! Nice Emmie keep learning! I love you.

Dylan! Yes I did see that picture did you kill it? No my comp is Elder Condie right now. yes those little boys are so funny and good little friends of mine. Nice did you get lots of candy? I love you and miss you too!

Cassie- cheater! Ya chamaca escriba me en espoñal. (Write me in Spanish) Nah esta biencomo le fue halloween? Babes gigandes que fue jaja. (Something about Halloween and Cassie dressing up as a giant baby) Pues claro que si escula! That is so lame your doing nothing with your time but sleeping! I love you Cassie get back to work and start doing something productive ;) Have a great week sister! :) I love you adios.

Mom- I emailed with Chandler last week before that letter got to me yeah its so funny. He has it just like I did in the MTC, a special companion! Si yo lo recibi los fotos gracias mama. (He wants me to send pictures) Yeah I couldn’t tell what Cassie’s pumpkin carving was was. A squirrel really? I think I met Matt with Tim and Kris one time. I sent that letter to Kylie over a month ago so who knows where it went haha. Well tell her to email me and I don’t have her email. No way Bishop and Norma are going to Peru that is awesome! He told me awhile back that he was trying to go again. I'm happy for them! I'm glad that people at home actually go to activities unlike here we plan stuff and no one comes. The lessons are going great we will talk about a story here shortly. I’m feeling great feeling rushed on time. I don’t know where all my time is going things are flying by so fast! Have a great week I love you!

Dad-That is awesome talk Dylan gave! Did he write that all by himself? I’m so proud of him he is growing up really fast eh?
My week was awesome had some great experiences. Thank you everything is going good here. I’m having a great time. My shoes well it’s a good thing I have 3 pairs haha. I’ll take a picture of them for you and send them next week but I should be fine the rest of the year.  I heard Sterling is bed ridden for the next 2 weeks and they found a fracture in his vertebrae :/ He had surgery on his ankles too. I’m like half and half with Spanish dreams it happens and doesn’t sometimes. It’s weird. I don't even remember when the first dream in Spanish was jaja. For pday I’m going to go eat here in a second and take some pictures around town next week we are going to caves which should be pretty tight. I’m still wanting to play baseball. That is something I don’t want to give up on just yet. I’m not ready to let it go. Oh gez Tuesday, the election! It’s going to be crazy! Have a great week dad!

So this week was awesome we had a great week finding new people to teach. As we were walking home one night a drunk man came up to us and stopped us. He wanted help. (This happens everyday just about, haha) He grabbed my hand and wouldn’t let go. Asking me to bless him in the middle of the calle (street) we told him we could help him tomorrow. But he persisted on us blessing him so we brought him over to a quieter place were there was hardly anyone and we said a prayer with him (during the prayer he was saying his own prayer asking for his name to be written in the book of life and things like that). We told him we would be back on the morrow to talk. He said ok. We came back the next day he was sober and ready to listen. He accepted everything and wanted to change so we talked about baptism and things of such. Now he is coming to church and reading the book of Mormon. He is really excited to learn more and have a chance to get a new life. He was baptized catholic but denies it even as a church. It was pretty awesome. They way people ask us to help and come and seek us as they use to in old times when they sought Jesus. I love it. Story fin.!

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