Friday, December 28, 2012

10/29/12 email

You will have to remember as you read his account of his lessons this past week that he is still our Brad, tells it like he sees it.  Hopefully the Spirit softens his words as they come out of his mouth more so than when he replays them for us in his email. Also he and Cassie are now writing each other in Spanish.

Emmie- Haha did you catch the lizard and how fast are you growing? I can’t believe you’ll be seven so fast! I love you Emmie!
Dylan- did you get scared during your part of the primary program? You better not have because you’re a Hunsaker which means you have to be strong and brave. I haven’t had anything weird lately no. It’s super hot here bud it always is hot it doesn’t change like home. I really miss you buddy And I LOVE You :)
Cassie- Tramposa! no manchas cassandra quitas la google traducior. bien hecho cass! felicidades en tu competition! hasta la proximo ano eh esta bien que tienes porque estas siempre enferma? recurdas siempre tu es espical y un mensejera de Dios actuca comouna eh? buenpues mi hermana keep it real and live like your supposed too! I love you te amo!
Madre! It was a good week kinda haha we shoved dirt for 15 hours with members doing service it kinda hurt the back a little but it was ok. Nice looks like my chances with Hallsey went out the door, haha. Its hot and humid duh haha it doesn’t change down here it sucks. Oh well. Uh oh, they watch TV in my room, how is it? I take it dad never did turn it into a work out room huh? I did get the package with everything in it thank you for everything :) The camels were super funny for me. Kameron might not know Sterling but her husband does. And Sterling knows Kelsie too. He made out with her once haha!!!! So funny. I am different now, ya'll  can’t wait to see this kid when he gets home. Uh duh, I won’t be a kid anymore, I will be a man with a little attitude change and a different out look on life. I will always be a kid duh mom! :D I have just more faith and a greater knowledge is all :) I caught a baby snake the other day and had to kill it because it was apparently highly venomous haha opps who knew! There was a guy walking by who was yelling at me to put it down. haha so I did I dropped it and he told me kill it kill it! So I did haha opps. I love you very much too mom. I will send some pics up right after the email. No I can’t do anything for the dia de los muertos that day is for the Catholics only. I love you adios!
Dad- Nice! Rick Williams, Keep it up and keep baptizing! Now is the time to find those who are chosen. Keep harvesting we are not here to plan seeds we are here to harvest read D&C 4. Nice sounds like the world series was real fast did the Tigers even put up a fight or what? Possibly a Mormon Pres, Crazy. Nice glad asu and byu won! What kind of wishes are the Wish kids asking for? I bet these kids are brave. They have to be. My hump day was ok wasn’t too exciting. Still can’t believe it passed already. So weird. I had some carne asadas they were so good! Yeah Sterling is bed ridden for 2 weeks. They operated on both his ankles and they found a fracture in his vertebrae :/ No way what a wuss always crying gez! I need to email him actually I haven’t in a while. How are you doing? How is being a lawyer? I love you. Everything is good with my peeps.  We brought 2 new ones to church yesterday. Then we watched the los testimentos they cried, during sacrament meeting and during the movie and the wife of this dude is a totally Adventist super hardcore and no manchas. We dropped the bomb on her like 2 times already. This last time we talked with her we argued and then I told her to be silent and listen to me. I told her that her heart was tiny and hard that she could not accept the things we were saying nor let the spirit enter into her heart if she could not simply comply with hearing us. She sat in silence as I told her this. Then her husband does the unexpected and laughs at her. We then invited her to come to church she came. She cried she felt the truth now we are going to get them down in the water ;) Don’t worry these people are ignorant at times so we have to be hard with them as Christ did to those of the Jews in Juan 8, sorry John 8, he just drops the bomb on them tells them straight they are the sons of the devil and they will die in their sins. Haha I love it Jesus just went hard and banged out the hits on them gotta love the bible :) It’s better that people hear it straight rather than never to have heard it at all. That’s my story for the day Love you all!

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