Friday, December 28, 2012

10/22/12 email

Emmers! How was trunk or treat! I bet it was fun :) yikes a witch! I LOVE YOU GIRLY have a great week and be safe and good to mom and dad.

Dylan! Hey buddy how are you? I love you Dylan. Oh really a TV in my room wow that only took about 21 years to happen! Love you bud help dad and mom out with everything! Be a good boy and read your scriptures.

Cassandra. Whets up! No way Yankees got swept :/ wow that is really bad guess some people need to start working out to get back up. Wow there is a lot of trouble going on right now. Haha I saw the picture of trunk or treat and you dressed as me, that looked fun! Did you preach while dressed up as me or did you wuss out and not talk to anyone about the book of Mormon because that book is dang powerful. Haha I knew those pants were mine! I want to wake board when I get home I want to learn a bunch of stuff. Oh guess what! I can play loor a profeta on the piano and to be honest I can’t remember what its called in English,  Praise to the man that’s what its called. I can play that on the piano my comp is teaching me how to play. It feels so short since I have been out I wont lie! I can’t believe it’s been a year! I hope you have a great week as well! Be good and do your homework! Don’t worry I’ll be home sooner than you think! ;)

Mom! How crazy dude is going to be a missionary, Elder Whipple huh weird! Yeah I found that missionary from our Stake the other day named Cole. I sent a mask back with my friend Sterling. He didn’t have a ton of room. He called me last night to say goodbye but to be honest my patriarchal blessing talks about making my friends and make them wise because they will last through the eternities and this elder Sterling will be one of them. Sweet I hope you get to know him because he is truly a great guy I'm so glad we met. He knows that. Tell him this Elder Hunsaker me da mi saludos.
Yes Cassie knows how to delete the songs from her ipod, she is a tard. Parent teacher conference awh man I was always scared of those nights haha! What did the teachers have to say about them? Yes I got the package. It was a great week I’ll tell you the story at the end. I love you mom! 

Dad- I’m doing good just dying of nasty weather! Nice nice sounds like byu doesn’t know how to finish! No way! Chris young is gone! Oh no! Dude everything is going to the crapper! What about asu? No way she is getting baptized! That is crazy. What about this next baptism who is it?  My member support of course could be better but isn't. This whole help the missionary thing doesn’t happen here haha. No way Garrison can turn his papers in February! Dude he better do it! Ok I’ll tell you a nice story that happened 2 days ago.

We were supposed to have a lesson but of course they don’t care here and it dropped and fell through but we have other people always. So we went with a cousin of a member who has talked with the missionaries and sometimes has a bad attitude because he thinks that all of us missionaries are the same. He asked the other day how could he truly know if Jose Smith was a prophet. We showed him the testimony of Elder Holland then we showed him the restoration video. By the end he was crying and saying it is impossible for someone to have made this up. He is now reading with his sister who is a member of the church a recent convert and well it was going great. Butttt then yesterday when he was going to come to church his dad grabbed him and told him if he goes to church he was going to beat him. So he couldn’t go but we went with him after church and talked, he was so frustrated about not being able to go. Him and his sister are scared of his dad. But he wants to be a member, he wants to be a missionary we told him of the potential he has to change. He is going to try and make it to church and get baptized we are going to keep working with him but he now says with out a doubt that Jose smith was a prophet and he knows this church to be true he can’t wait to learn more. And we can’t wait to teach him more. He is here with us now he works in the internet shop so we show him videos of the church all the time its perfect. Well that’s my story Love you!

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