Friday, December 28, 2012

10/15/12 email

Emmers! Nice nice I don’t believe it was your first ever though little girl. I love you toilet seat! :) miss you be nice to Dylan and Cassie and eat cookies for me

Dylan- Wait wait what where is the tramp? Where did it go? I LOVE YOU DYLAN be good and eat some green vegetables for me.

Cassie- Hey Cass how are you? Yeah I had an okay week I was sick with the flu almost all of it though. Gez Cass speak better learn it! Start typing in Spanish to me and really test your Spanish out. What they teach you in school you won’t hardly use. You need to learn how they talk use there slang and words to speak with them. So start talking to me in Spanish. That sounds fun all day in Tucson. Well get to working out girl quit eating junk and work outcomo breathing exercises.  Haha I know its been crazy fast! Thanks Cassie I love you. Get better at swimming. Get better in general. I know you can so do what you can and quit being a little chamaca. I love you :) have a great week!

Mom- Hola madre! I’m glad it was good. How different though? No way, Jeter fractured hi ankle! How? I can’t believe its almost been a year and Chandler goes in soon too so weird. I can’t even really think about what just happened time just flew off the clock. No I’m not feeling home sick but I am sick right now haha I have the flu. But its almost gone. But I am kinda mad at some people here right now. My best friend Sterling Powell had to go home today. Due to health issues. He will be calling you guys I’m sure. He is really bummed and so am I. Its sad when a Elder goes home early. He will be calling after his surgery. He is going to need some help with these next couple weeks so tell dad to go hangout with him and if he needs anything please help him. He has your numbers and our address. Christison’s grand baby is 6 months ges that is crazy! I love you very much mom! Take care!

Dad- wow that is a tough week! Yeah whatever dude keep dreaming about the Cardinals! They probably would have played the same. All of my comps dads have gone to outer parts of the world none served state side like only the losers do. Work is going great! I’m teaching a ton of people and all of a sudden people are getting cold feet again to get in the water. But its ok we are getting a ton of inactive members to come back to church as well as all of our converts have been getting callings in the church and only progressing. I have no idea I think another 6 weeks though. Presidente wants me to move up I think he is getting real personal with me. Its nice I like being close to him and doing what he needs. He is a man of God here to direct us and i am to listen and obey nothing more.  I love you! Have a great week. Oh and quick question did you by chance send Cassie's little iPod? I’m dying without church music I need some music in the morning to help wake me up. Plus I love music. And as far as my being a smarty pants means nothing when I’m telling you the truth. I’ll find someone to marry me don’t worry you just need to repent of your actions is all.

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