Friday, December 28, 2012

10/08/12 email

Emmers, what why are you sick! I love you stay healthy girl! I do have tuna fish here its really tasty :) I miss you too!

Dylan, I miss you bud and love you. Yes we have hot dogs there really good here! Did you like general conference?

Cassandra- A shooting threat on campus. That is great glad to hear boulder creek hasn’t changed a bit haha! Nice nice glad nothing happened though! No no no cass conference wasn’t just good, it was awesome! Super powerful. Its so crazy people can’t believe in these things, these men, disciples of the lord and the prophet get up and totally just give it all but spirit and not a thing more. So awesome. Guess you get to go on your mission sooner than you think! Thanks cass, I had a great conference weekend! :) I love you too!
Mother! To old to have more kids, what are you talking about your still young enough for one more. No way Sally is prego uno vez mass! What do I want in a package, food food food haha that is about it. Other than that I can’t think of anything. When you send the ipod preload some Justin Bieber Christmas (HAHA) music and Disney music. Other than that I can’t think of anything. If you want add some instrumentals on there. That is funny Caleb thought about leaving earlier on his mission so he will for sure be gone when I get home. I hope he is gone before I get back haha! Of course I watched all sessions of conference. Wow it was so powerful this whole weekend was awesome! Hollandplanched the heck out of every ex missionary there ever was! How awesome! I only had to watch the priesthood session in Spanish and well to be honest I followed it the whole time. Pretty crazy won’t lie! I was fasting for the 2 days of conference. I ended it last night at like 8, I started Saturday morning. I love you mom and miss you too! I had a great week! We have a baptism this week I'm stoked obviously no? Awesome have a great week mom! :)

Dad- Hola mi querido padre. Que fue gringo? Que honda? Dude total shocker haha! My week was great! The husband came too to watch conference? No way he is totally getting baptized after watching Holland give that powerful talk! I’m doing great as senior comp I’m just leading and to be honest this kid doesn’t need me. My comp is great, he should be over a district or something I don’t know why he hasn’t moved up yet. They lost to the rams uh oh sad day! Nice nice the Yankees are in the play offs! Don’t be such a wuss dude, scalping the lawn is easy! Haha Emmie and the poop from the lawn of course! That is so funny. Keep baptizing and preaching you heard Holland he told you straight any man that has ever raised his arm the square to baptize someone it was not only to change there lives but yours as well because you have been commissioned of Christ! Dude power!
I love you too Dad have a great week!

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