Friday, December 28, 2012

10/01/12 email

Emmers my little sweets. of course i miss in n out burgers! how was the walk did your little legs get tired? I'm glad you had fun little sister! yeah right you owe me 3000 pesos! :) I love you little girl.
Dylan of course we can go camping when I come home. i would love to do that! I’m glad you had a good week to bad you came in last in your boat race, maybe next time bud. I’m glad you had fun at the baptism little brother. I think you’re being a great missionary! i do miss going to California that is for sure! I love you Dylan! I’m sorry but i can’t get you a iguana skin cover but I’m getting you a snake cover.
Cassie. hey cass. I’m glad it was a good week I’m having a great week as well! It’s conference this week how crazy fast time blows bye i don’t even remember where time has gone- nice nice I’m glad keep winning maybe something good will come of it. no freaking way dolphins lost and the cardinals are 4-0!!! wow crazy. i hate mountain ridge! study up girl! haha you feel nice nice. I love you cassie I’m glad you liked the letter! did you feel the spirit? who else cried haha! i want to know. man you wouldn’t believe how big of sissys you all sound. You fell in the shower. I love you cass have a great week and watch conference on the couch for me but don’t pass out like we normally do lol ;)

Mother. hey its a good experience for him. dad obviously doesn’t know what he is doing to build a boat! haha its a great learning lesson. I got the package it was great to get it i wont lie it was amazing. butt..... yep the football is a dud it gets flat in 2 mins max its sad :(  I did get Kylie’s letter.  i even mailed her back. she should be getting it in like 2 weeks or so. nice nice Cassie has a bruise from her fall! I went toPalenque again it was awesome! this time was even better. but guess why! there were a ton of white people there but i didn’t see them at first when we got there and all of a sudden i start hearing claps and cheers and yells saying elder elder! i turn around and there is a huge tour group of mormons! they were doing a book of mormon tour trip it was awesome. they were all old, minus like 2 or 3 families. they were so stoked to see us. they let us tag along and listen to there guide who is a convert. he knows english, spanish, mayan and he is trying to learn navajo right now. the dude is cool. but yeah it was awesome trying to speak to them i kept switching my form of talk i couldn’t control it. i would start talking spanish and i couldn’t stop. it was awesome lol. i got some pretty cool paintings for the wall at home. work is going great we are really working hard. hard enough that president called me and my comp and told us to come to the zone leader conference tomorrow and be apart of it. haha that is awesome thanks Dylan. I love that kid. cass will be happy when I come home, no need to worry. I love you mom! :) so yeah had a really weird dream wont lie. it was us as a family going to a pizza place and i was pretty fresh home. but as we entered into this place to eat cassie had a baby in her arms and of course it wasn’t hers it was yours! another girl! now I’m worried dreams might be messing with me! I love you mom :)  i could use a really big favor please! I bought a ipod here a while ago and it was only 500 pesos ridiculous outrageously cheap and well it broke haha. sooooo cassie has that little green one and well to be honest i know its not being used so i would be super happy if you could send me it... thanks!

Dad- my week has been great so far just started to be honest haha. I’m glad to hear his heart is softening if you need i can send a letter to the guy. I’m glad things are going great! there is no way its to good to be true! cardinals, asu, and yankees! wow! i cant believe it! that is awesome.
the spanish is going great and it totally took over today when i was trying to speak enlglish to this old people today. so funny. i have right now over 20 investigators. and well those are people i can count on to be home if a appointment falls through there are some on the bubble about 10 or more. I love you dad things are going great though. keep up your work and find some more people to baptize. I’m drained i wont lie I’m so tired!  I love you dude adios! gringo! 

I lost my patience this week during a lesson. yep haha totally lost it and the love of Christ. all during a lesson. There was a guy that my comp and the other elder who taught before i got here and they hadn’t passed for him for awhile. we went over and were teaching. he was getting really lazy during the lesson in his hammock any way he had his phone out texting the whole time as we were explaining. well he just wasn’t listening we would had to double ask him things and even then he didn’t respond with a real intent. well during the lesson i realized i was in the wrong. i was far over board with patience and love it wasn’t there. so i prayed. i prayed for what i needed and i repented. soon after you would have thought i was standing up talking to his face the way i was talking but i was seated down across from him a good distance and the words that came from my mouth grabbed him because he could tell i was serious. he felt it. he felt the spirit as well telling him listen. at the end of the lesson i asked him if he was brave. he said he was i asked if he had faith he said yes i do. i said good then lets pray on our knees. you need to pray to know if The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church. sure enough he did. got down and prayed like a man. he felt great afterwards. He told us he was going to church and everything. but its a great lesson learner because i expressed my love and faith with him but its a two sided thing he has to do his part.

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