Friday, December 28, 2012

9/24/12 email

Emmers! Why won’t you give a talk in church? How is Dylan’s boat coming along? Yes I've tired jalapenos haha little girl learn how to spell! I know I can’t spell anymore either its ok. I love you Emmie!

Dylan! What's up boy! You finally ate a hot dog? What took so long? There good huh buddy! I miss you a lot too! I know it’s so close to a year how crazy!! I feel like I’ve been gone like 4 months not long at all I don’t even know where the time has gone. I love you bye!  
Cassie. Hey cass! I had a great week we had another baptism woooo!!! Yeah I'm getting to know my area really well. I think I’ll be here a long time to be honest. The girls swim team nice nice. A girl from the other team had a seizure! Wow lucky it wasn’t in the water when it happened. I’m glad you had a good time cheering another child up at the down syndrome buddy walk. That is awesome! Sounds fun. You’re as bad as mom, you have stage fright! I don’t understand how. It’s so easy and simple to get up there and talk in church. I love you little sister have a great week look for chances to share the gospel! 

Mother good afternoon! My week was great we had another baptism! Woo! It was awesome. I don’t know if I have my package yet I’ll find out tomorrow when I go into the offices. How was the temple with Chan? It is crazy I went a year ago, wow! Yeah I knew her. She was a problem child. She was always getting into drugs and other things. My luggage is doing find nothing wrong with it. I sent them a email last week I don’t know if they got it can you ask if they did. I want for you to give him a hug for me mom. Thank you. Nice nice sounds like a fun week how did the lesson go? I love emmers she is so funny. No way what a wuss. Courtney used a black light for scorpions, haha. Say Hi to Danny for me hit him and hug him for me and tell that bum to write me every once in a while I haven’t gotten a single email from him yet I love you :)
Seriously can’t believe it is almost one year! I love you mom and I will be obedient, no need to worry! :)

Dad! What’s up dude! No way it’s a joke a fluke if anything, Cardinals can’t be that good! I can’t believe it. There back to number 1 defense hope they don’t get to big of heads and blow it again. Nice ASU! Really that is crazy BYU is doing good too. To bad they lost though. Oh crap, come on mormon president or just a new president over all! There is nothing here that excepts chase bank cards! Sorry :(
We don’t have anyone for this week butttttt I’m going to find someone who wants it this week one of our old investigators or someone :) I’ll look for this kid his name is Brandon Cole from or Stake, ok I’ll find him.  

Father remember that each day you must repent in order to have the spirit with you. Also use Jacob in the Book of Mormon I don’t remember what versus it is but its in chapter 2 or 3 like versus 13 or 14 don’t remember but it says in part of it we are not the only people who testify about these things. Many people have the dumb mind that the missionaries are the only ones who preach and testify. No. Wrong. Everyone in the church does. Live to be happy and live to help others be happy. Love one another. (even if Hallsey is a steelers fan you got to love him) Adios my father! Have a great week :) love you.

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