Friday, December 28, 2012

9/19/12 email

Emmers! I don’t stink, You stink! Stinky girl stinky girl! It sounds like you and Dylan had a great time with Dad this weekend! I love you little girl! Miss you

Dylan! What’s up little brother! The game sounds awesome Dylan. Did the diamond backs win? I bet you had a lot of fun how is the bike riding? I miss you and love you.
Cassie! Ask Steven if he got my letter I sent him one. Cali sounds like a good time sun burns and all. I can’t wait till I can get back in the ocean. Yeah lets make it a yearly thing lets always go! But wait for me next time you go! That is awesome about Katie. Glad she is getting back into the loop of things. I love you little girl.
Mother. I’m glad you all had a good time inCali. Wait for me next time! Please :) of course the kids ate junk all day what else does dad know how to cook steak and buy slushies ;) just kidding. Love you paps. That wasn’t tortillas I was cooking hot cakes. Tortillas aren’t as hard to cook I know how to make and cook those don’t worry! I put up  a bunch of new photos in photobucket. The work is going good we had another baptism this past week! It was great :) We have another for next Saturdayand another 2 for the week after. My comp is from Texas. His name is Elder Condie. Awesome I’ll be waiting for my package. I sent a letter home for Dylan, the ward, and one for jade. I don’t know if you got them yet. I love you mom :) If you could send a couple garment tops I would be happy to receive them. Some retard of a elder snatched a couple of mine. 

Father. my week was good filled with great experiences. Presidente has been asking me about my area and how I'm handling being minor comp. things are great in my area minus my house it’s so horrible we are changing at the end of the month. I heard sounds like you had a great time at the games. I miss supercross that is for sure. The work is great we are baptizing and will continue to baptize. That is awesome you guys are baptizing 4! That is a crazy week it sounds like. Why cant BYU ever finish! Geez losers. Arizona beat the patriots???? What the heck is with that. Can you yell UPSET! I love you dad glad things are going good keep working and keep baptizing but don’t worry you won't ever be able to keep up the baptism rate like me ;) its cause well I’m just a better missionary haha no its not that I cant gloat I don’t have the power through God above I have the power

I love you.  I hope you have a great week!!

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