Friday, December 28, 2012

11/26/12 email

Emmers- Your build a bear is named sparkles?! I'm going to steal her when i get home! :) really how was your birthday? was the airplane show cool? I love you and miss you :)

Dylan! i did not have turkey Dylan haha they don’t celebrate thanksgiving. i did nothing but work. I will speak spanish when i get home i wont be able to speak english. I think Dylan that Santa Claus will probably wait to visit me in a year that way i can have a bigger present :) i will wait to ask him until next year what i want. I love you Dylan miss you too!

Cassie- Que paso con mi Ipod? por donde esta? solamente tres dias ya tramposa! chamaca no esta haciendo nada! hmmmm creo que tu no sepas como hablar o escribir correcto jaja. pero no necisita precupe yo puedo entender :) sicomo esta la casa? quien puso la luz arriba la casa mi papa? que esta haciendo con tu tiempo ahora? hacer exerciso o que? haga algo por fa! la pelicula Elf esta muy chistoso! adios mi hermana te amo! 

Madre! I did get Liz's package i forgot to tell her thank you. i have no idea where the heck my scout shirt is haha. if you find it who ever needs it can use it.
I’m glad the talks and the funeral went well. He was a good man. i remember when i talked with him he was always so straight. thank you mom i appreciate it. that is tough on the whole family :/ 
This week was good a hard last week but good. i got some cool news I’ll let you know at the end of this letter. I’m doing great here things are going well as far as work finding news and setting up baptisms for the next month. how is work going with you and your friend from the office? Bailey Roque is getting married.Sterling wants to eat dinner or something but he is waiting for you to call cause he doesn’t have anything to do right now. call him. I love you mom! adios!

Dad- I want to let you know that the Cardinals do suck! its some revelation i received. did you go play in the turkey bowl or did you wuss out another year because your to old???? I’m going to take it you wussed out! Mexico is smelly and well it only gets the same everyday still a fun thing to wake up and walk outside and say wow I’m still in Mexico haha. glad your still working! don’t be a flojo or a frito! gez your so old, your anniversary, 19 years of torture my poor mother. I love you very much too father.

SO this week was fun the last week of transfers always SUCKS its so hard to work. but its all good I’m now going to be what they call missionaries here, a step dad (padrasto) which is a missionary term here i don’t know how they do it state side but my first comp was elder atenco so he is my dad the comp after him was elder guitterez so he would be my step dad. I’m going to be the step dad of a elder named anderson. which well be weird because i will be doing a lot of work as far as trying to teach him more spanish and the area as well i will be doing most of the work now because he is new. Funnesss!! but as far as stories go this week was so funny we had some great talks lined up for the services but some guy in our branch is crazy in the head. he got up one time to give the invocation and recited the catholic padre nuerstro prayer (sorry in english i cant remember what its called). Other times he has just gone up randomly and said things “like do you love your neighbor. do you know how to blow your faith i don’t think you know how to blow”. haha just random crap its always so funny. so this week he got up and walked to the pulpit and started to give a talk it was not his turn nor his day to give a talk but he got up and did it anyway started reading a chapter from the bible so funny. everyone was trying to keep quite. the guy were are teaching his name is Rosario he is getting baptized the 8th of december. he is so awesome. He asks us for priesthood blessings because he has faith he will be healed of his diseases and he knows its true which is awesome. he comes to church and takes notes. he learns so much. always reading as well. yep that’s my story for the week :) love you!!

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