Friday, December 28, 2012

12/03/12 email

Emmers I love you too! I totally got your letter thank you little girl! :) how were the cookies you made? I’m so glad you had a good week. how was sleeping by the tree? bye!
Dylan! how are you buddy? Your bike is not getting too small your just growing taller but that means you need to be eating more food and growing more. if your not trying new food you wont keep growing! I love you Dylan thank you for the letters!
Cassie- Claro que si tuve un semana buenismo! soy padre ahora! buen son dichos de the mision pero soy entraniador de esta elder ahor!a! bueno estoy listo para esta fin de mes la verdad porque vamos a hablar! whoooo! cant wait. bueno no importa mi cumpleaños la verdad no me voy hacer nada. y tu que haces? que vas hacer? no me digas nada es mas de 80 grados todo el año aqui! quien eres tu masestro de algebra? buenopue te amo hermanita!
Madre- I’m doing good I'm just having fun being the teacher now haha!. I did get the kids letters it was really nice! i got the package yes. i don’t know why you haven’t gotten my package yet I’m worried about where it is. gez yeah it took a while for you to get the ipod off. yes if you send chocolate it melts every time. but send some reeses anyway. packages take like 10 days of 15 to get to me. gez sounds like your all behind on your Christmas stuff! what a dork he put the lights up with tape? what is he thinking? that won’t hold. ok nice let me know how the BBQ goes. i don’t want to think about how old Cassie is its a joke. hit cassie in the shoulder with a big noodle from the pool and say happy birthday from brad :) I will ask them what they do for Christmas. but they do some fun stuff here they make giant dolls of papier-mâché, i cant spell anymore or think. but they blow them up in the streets. they always eat turkey. i totally forgot to tell you all, i ate Armadillo on saturday! it was great I love you mom! :)
Dad! What’s up dude? things are good i cant believe how fast the weeks travel.  i don’t even know what to think anymore just flies by! thanks for the letter you sent. i couldn’t read it all the way because your lettering is bad haha. nice nice cardinals have lost 8 games in a row! how when are they playing? isn’t his name like jamqui or something like that. from Chicagoright? the basketball player. look into for me a little of what's up with Travis Pastrana please.
work is good i taught this new missionary a lot of stuff. we will keep working. its tough though I’m basically solo out here. i do all the talking. i do all the scripture work. he doesn’t really know what is going on so its tough. how did the cord to the tree melt?? I’m like the “father” for this elder, he came from a kid who didn’t know how to teach him because he was Mexican. it was bad. I’m doing good having a great time. teaching gets tough when i turn to him to see if he wants to say something and knows nothing of the conversation nor hardly Spanish. oh well :) I’m baptizing Rosario this week the dude is so sweet!
I love you dad

Alrighty then story for dad and his missionaries and the Ward (this is Brad’s helpful advice for West to give during his talk on missionary work that was this Sunday).
Preach my gospel chpt 13 explains the whole chapter how we are to work with the missionaries teachers, members, bishops, children, teenagers everyone. The work is tough without help trust me i know. I’m working with my companions and really no one else. We forget and sometimes just don’t want to work. sometimes we think the missionaries will take care of it all. I taught my ward the last hour of Sunday school this week i shared with them multiple scriptures. the first was this one D&C 88:81-82 the last part tells us not to have an excuse to pass up a moment to share the Gospel. and then there are some of you who are new. there are some of you who are old. heck there are some that are young return missionaries who just aren’t doing the work, it doesn’t stop. 1 Tim 4:1 is another scripture i shared with my branch. it explain clearly there will be some who will fall. there will be others who wont hear us because there listening to another church. does this matter? no it doesn’t. we are teachers and witnesses to these things forever. we cant give up. we need to pray for those who don’t listen pray for there hearts to change. then i read to them D&C 100:6-8  after i explained we have the time everyday we need not to worry what to say as long as we are ready the spirit will testify it. the spirit will show you more of the truth at the same time testify through you to them. i then read Hebrews 10:24-25. we need works of love for these people. we need to serve them. look for times to serve and show your heart. i then closed with some other scriptures but i cant remember them all right now. i also told them how the book the miracle of forgiveness explains to us if we have sins of omission it falls on our head. i closed with Jacob 1:19 we have to magnify our calling! that was my story. but it turned out great because the peoples faces lit up and realized they were in the wrong by not helping the work. i had people tell me afterwards they are going to find friends. so we will so how it all goes. :) I love you all goodbye!

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