Monday, October 14, 2013

From: Bradford Hunsaker []
Sent: Monday, April 15, 2013 1:58 PM

Emmers! how was the party lots of creatures? sounds really fun and interesting to me! what did you touch? I love you too Emmie :) i know your big I'm scared to see you I’m afraid that your bigger than me.

Dylan- hey buddy what’s up? how are you doing? my week was ok kinda slow. how was the race did you win? I love you too Dylan do good in your races coming up! :)

Cassie! Hermanita como estas? 7 hoars no me diga estas loca! haha y la ACT? como le fue? como estas tu cabeza creo que duele un pocito no? jaja pues claro que no hizo dano no hay nada a entra para recibir el dolor ;) just kidding LOVE YOU! ya ya cayese no quiero pensar en mi regresa. te amo hermana portase bien y haz lo justo y bien. lo hare mi hermana. tu tambien tenga un buen semana :)

Mom-! don’t worry. wait until mothers day its better in person well it wont be in person but as personal as it can get! :) yeah things are going great with my comp. he is doing so good. he learns quick which helps. wow nana is going on the senior trip this time. i want to see those fotos from when Papa took us. I don’t remember seeing them. thank you ill be waiting to see it when i get home! i cant wait to be honest to get home and start running again. i miss being able to just go on a nice run. I love you very much as well mom! have a great week and be good to those around you. mom i want you to be a great missionary ok in order for you to do that i want you to do something this week dad will do it as well. I don’t care who it is just make sure they are not a member but find someone and ask them face to face if they "will follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone who holds the priesthood authority" this question is super strong bold and a chance to explain the gospel to those who are lost. invite someone fulfilling your roll as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. I don’t care if you’re scared to do it the Lord will put the words into your mouth when the time comes. be good I love you and invite someone. 

dad. what’s up dude? you have the same instructions as mom and a little more. as a priesthood holder and as a return missionary you hold this gift to baptize. why don’t you be a great leader and ask someone as well. when the time comes you can explain to them that you are a holder of such a sacred power. things haven’t changed, things are going good. I’m stoked for this next change to work harder and learn more. that is pretty cool that Elder Holland called the Hallseys. I love you all have a great week fools!

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