Friday, September 14, 2012

9/3/12 email

Emmers that is awesome! I miss you a lot too silly goose! The food here is gross! No it’s ok its a lot of chicken! Yucky get rid of your cough! I love you little girl!
Dylan what’s up bro! I miss you too. That is cool I hope you are liking school. I have seen new animals a different frog and a monkey! I love you bud!
Cassie! Nice pictures! Your so gross haha you woke up during the scope! That is so funny though that you woke up and your gag reflexes. No way Boulder Creek lost to brophy that bad?? Gess that is awesome another trip to CA, look at you so spoiled! I love you little sister! Have a great week! Adios
Mom. Ok I will see if those measurements for Dylan’s scriptures are the same as mine. I’m getting moved out of this area tomorrow to what is called reforma Villahermosa. It will be a nice new area I heard it’s not even a ward its pretty small. Really someone gave the prayer in relief society all in Spanish that is pretty cool! That is so funny about Cassie! My lessons are going good so good in fact that I am getting moved up to senior comp over a gringo who has 16 months in the mission. Haha have fun with Dylan and school work. I’m sure that will be lots of fun! Have a great day! I’m glad you’re all doing the things your doing!
Father! My week was good we ended up baptizing 3 people this week it was awesome! What Beau Pfaffs girlfriend! That is so weird what is that kid doing with his life? Tell him I say hi! Your Elders are teaching people from Brazil! Do they speak Portuguese? Awh that is always the problem the freaking fathers! THAT IS AWESOME kids always have the spirit and love to express it!
Why is it that we have horrible quarter backs! We need a new coach or something! How big did asu win? I told you I would rather go to Hawaii than you guys come here to pick me up! Duh. I want to come home first and then go somewhere. I love you dad we will play catch again don’t worry I gotta get back in shape for the turkey bowl when I get home.

So we baptized 3 people this week it was awesome. I was so happy that we helped this family. Next week I would be doing another bap but I’m getting moved. We heard some kid in the street about 3 weeks ago and he yelled at us and asked hey what do you guys do? We said were the missionaries we teach about God and Jesus. He said wow cool come talk to my mom. We did and then 3 weeks later 3 of her children entered into the water. But because we listened to this kid and answered and didn’t blow him off, he and his 2 other brothers are now members of the church! It was such a awesome story and experience! I’m so stoked for them! We are really working hard here but I’m taking off. I hope my comp now will keep up the work in this area when I’m gone. I’m not sure how many baptisms I have. Like 18 or so. I’m really happy though for these 3 kids who got baptized.

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