Friday, September 14, 2012

9/10/12 email

(Brad is much closer to the mission home now so we will be able to get mail and packages much faster now.)
From: Bradford Hunsaker []
Subject: Re: 9/10/12 email
Emmers! Haah yeah right, I don’t owe you jack squat little girl! How was the open house? I love you booger!
Dylan What’s up buddy! I miss you a lot too buddy. I’m glad you can ride your bike without help, looks like your growing up way to go buddy! Keep it up I love you.
Cassie. Oh I’m sure you’re perfect What’s up with dad why is he a baby? Oh wait it’s dad my bad. Nice nice how did you do on all your tests? Did you pass them all? Don’t worry I’ll listen to Spanish music when I get home because it’s funny. They way they rhyme lines are just funny. Any ways you better be able speak Spanish. I’ll teach you how to really talk when I get home. You girls are weird haha. What just all girls are going CA? What’s up with that crap where are the dudes? Dad isn’t going nor Dylan? The new area is good actually looks like Cali a little bit its super hilly. I love you little sis adios!

Mom. What a dork you are! Yeah I got the picture of your toe, it looks pretty! Haha you have got to be kidding me you broke it over an iron board? That is weak sauce mom lol. What the heck!!!! Cassie had to take my grenade stickers off the car??? What’s up with this dumb country and these snot nose Americans crying over a sticker? Gez America gets worse and worse. I love you.
Thanks mom I will be careful, no need worry. Things are going good here we are working hard together. I’m senior comp and I’m going to be a leader no worries.
Dad. The new area is good just really hot and hilly and once again I’m in the middle of know where. It’s an hour and a half from Villa but every week I have to go there for district meetings. It’s really like Cali to be honest. It’s cool. It’s a branch. I’m already getting to know the area and the people. The elder before me was kinda a frito. I’m glad but sad I worked hard in the past area to get the assistance back up. I feel like I left them but I know my other comp will work hard to help them. I’m leading here in this area that is for sure. This elder has no confidence what’s so ever. His name is Elder Condie. I know why I’m senior comp over him. I’m here to lead and work. I’m already placing dates for the next baptisms its good. I love it.
You are such a dork you have got to be kidding me what a loser. You went to the hospital. I don’t know who is worse you or mom??? Gez you 2 are problems.
No way the Orioles are in 1st I heard they were having a good turn out this year. What’s up with the Dbacks? That is good to know Asu is doing work. you have got to be kidding we are watching Manning come back and rack it all up while we got 2 crappers nice nice way to go cardinals haha oh well the opportunities we have that are gone!

I love you dad! Have a great week take your tums haha. I love you all, hey i found a scripture that applies to us in these days.
2 nefi 27:3 when we feel this hunger of our alma we know we are in the wrong. Don’t allow for your alma to be hungry ever. Then look at verse 5 in that chapter. it talks about rulers i kinda see that as Mitt Romney running and the people rejecting him and not wanting something that could possible be one of the best decison this nation makes but there so starving in there souls they cant do it. Sorry alma in Spanish is soul by the way.
Oh by the way MOM KNOW THIS. My district is in Villahermosa really so I have to travel there every week for meetings which means I’m in the offices every week. So if you send me a package this change ill get it right when it gets here to villa. So please send stuff.

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