Friday, September 14, 2012

8/27/12 email

Ok so this is now the 2nd time I will have responded to this email :/ this dumb Mexican internet!
That is crazy Chandler is going out 2 days before my one year mark how crazy!
(I am trying to catch up on his emails for you guys, sorry for the delay)
Emmers! I love you little girl. I hope school is going good! Yes we have cake here but it isn’t as good! How did you do on your test?
Dylan. Little bud how are you? I love you! How big of a boat is it for your cub scout regatta? I love you.
Cass. Haha sounds like a fun week 14 pg paper and bowling. Where did you go bowling at? How is swim? I'm glad to hear about Katie doing better! Sounds like you’ll have a great work ahead of you. I’m so happy your doing good Cassie. Keep it up and work hard in school. I love you!

Mom. Hey I need you to do something for me. Remember that girl I talked about a little while ago? Tell her I asked for you to call in behalf of my name. Let her know that there is love from God above. If you could do that I would appreciate it. It’s a little missionary work if you will, plus helping another child of God. I love you mom.
That is awesome that Chandler will be a missionary! If he came here I would have been his trainer! Awh poor Cassie a scope down her throat! She is going to get her tonsils removed I know it! Dylan and Emmie are both sick sounds like the house is going to get it! What was the 1 hr tv story about, us as mormons? Poor Emmers she really wouldn’t give her talk. She is just a shy booger! Things aren’t really getting better with the Bishop but I’m just biting my tongue when I’m around him. I have been using the bug spray but dang these things want my blood! They’re crazy little devils! I love you mom!
Dad! That is great to hear you guys are actually doing your missionary work! Who are they? My week has been good just you know living, eating chicken and preaching the word of God :)
That is a crazy deal trade! Why in the world is that happening? Who are these minor leaguers they traded for? That is awesome about Mitt. The church needs to be published more, glad were getting a good rep!
Things are going great we are teaching tons and helping tons of people. We have been finding a lot of new people and big size families too! I’m glad Austin is doing good! I love you dad keep up your work!

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