Friday, September 14, 2012

8/20/12 email

Emmerssss! I’m glad you had a great first week sweetie keep studying and doing your homework! that is awesome Emmie way to go that took a lot of courage! I love you and miss you too! :)
Dylan! Did you have a fun time in school? Awesome Dylan! Have fun doing that! Did you work hard? I love you Dylan!
Cassie- Haha already got the homework load! There doing this to make or break you. They kids who can’t complete with this task will drop the class. There doing it to give you a push because that is what life does it pushes now you gotta get up and push back. But you gotta push harder and keep pushing. Trying to get a tan are you! That is funny what happened to Dylan! Haha that is just because I stuck out playing sports duh! Funny though that coach w still remembers me. Bailey Roque is working over at anthem as the volleyball coach. I love you little sis keep up the work and try to get on top of the homework! Adios
Mom we weren’t able to make it to the prison last week but this week I think we will go. I didn’t get the oil chain no it got snagged I think but its ok no need to worry. The package did look a little roughed up but it was fine. Haha I bet they were grumpy no one likes school! No way, Kelsie really got married crazy! Congratulate her for me. It’s not a pipe its a whistle. You gotta hold it a funny way to use it. i forgot to give instructions about that. hmmm ok but your mouth on the part where you would obviously put it to blow. Then cover the bottom up with your hand. As you do this blow. Then in the process of doing open your fingers up and then the pushing of the air through the whistle will make it sound like a call of a jaguar. Ii did get hammered with rain and now I’m getting eating by mosquitoes! They have something called den gay or in American words west nile! ahhh haha its going to suck if i get it. My guess for chandler is chain!
How long do you want the testimony for Dylan’s book to be. Ok I’ll do that. I love you mom!!!

Dad what’s up bro! My week was good. Kinda ;/ my town is in between the city Villahermosa and the city of Carmen. It’s also called the Centla. It’s right next to a river and its like 15 mins away from what is called playa bosque. That is good but you know the other churches that are helping they are only trying to get another member into there fold. haha. How is the work going with that family who’s house got flooded?
I bet make a wish is a neat group to work with. It would be really cool and special if one of these kids that is making the wish asks to have president Monson come and heal him. That would be the greatest one. Yeah we got hit by the storm. Oh great the Cardinals have no quarterbacks once again! Things are going good we keep finding a ton of new people. Well the ward just keeps getting mad at bishop here. The guy doesn’t understand his calling nor does he know how to do his calling. Doesn’t know how to confirm the Holy Ghost, give the priesthood, complains about everything doesn’t trust us because were from America. its garbage. Wont lie!
Story for this week is we found a family. To be honest this family doesn’t have a whole lot. They sit on the ground and do nothing all day. They are getting evicted from there house it looks like but their willing to listen to us. We gave them a pamphlet. They didn’t read it haha but there was a girl who did read it she is 17 years old. She understands all of it. She loved it. Then we gave her the plan of salvation pamphlet. She always had the doubt of where do we go after we die. She says oh I understand now! She is loving church and the things we give her to read. But we don’t know if there going to be able to stay here or get sent away. She understands it all. If she could stay she could change her ways and learn how to live the gospel its a neat deal you hardly find anyone who reads or understands it so clear.

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