Friday, September 14, 2012

8/13/12 email

Emmie- uh oh its time for school little girl! have a great day :) Mrs. Bruce i think i know her I'm not sure though. I love you little girl
Dylan! your going into 3rd grade what the heck in the world! Dylan when did you start growing up! Your mustache shirt is funny Dylan! I love you have a good first day hope you have fun! :)
cass- oh no summer is over! haha ;p sounds like craziness is starting up for you good luck! i hope you learn a good lesson this year that school is important and doesn’t get easier! haha you can’t get my grenade stickers off, just put the parking sticker in the front of the window dork. You’ve been crafting? what did you craft lol. i love you little sister have a great first week! :)
Mother! Mexico is good we got hit with some rain this week from that hurricane that hit. it was nice, cooled down a little bit. haha that is funny Emmie is not wanting to go to school nor pay tithing sounds like to me its the parents of the child ;) that is nuts what in the world when did i get old???? i bet she is nervous about 1st grade. but she will be fine just give her some time. 20th school reunion wow your old! people are going to ask her where is that little brown child. the response ah i sent him off to Mexico to get a better feel for life. Yeah we are getting stuff done early today. we are trying to make it over to the prison to get some cheap hammocks and there huge like fitting the whole family in it big haha I love you mom have a great week :)

Father- my week was great we baptized this week this kid has been through like 7 missionaries and we were fasting and during the night for planning i said we need to visit David tomorrow we did and i asked do you want to be baptized he looked at me and said yes then he asked what do i need to do. we showed him everything he needed to be baptized and well he has been going to church for the past 4 months so he knows it all. so finally he decided he was ready it was awesome! the power of fasting! sorry about your shirt that I sent! maybe drop like 5 and your good :p father blessings of course always the night before. I’m still in my area yeah. yeah i love Mexico its a great place just I’m tired of eating the same food everyday is all haha. yeah Tyler K and I traded some emails. he wants to be a lawyer. he said he also he might want to talk with you a little about the schooling and what not. Congratulate Tim and Kris for me and tell Bishop Johnson hi. Yeah i got some great apostasy story this week!

Ok they say that the church is the same all over the world. well yes that is true. but how the church is run is different. i see the difference of the world now. we as Americans have great examples as leaders. we also have people who correct us. we have people who care. we have people who do there part. (mostly home teaching) this letter really should be read in elders quorum. planch them and let them have it. do your part don’t be a stand still idle man. D&C 58:29 share the scripture out loud for the men of the church. we have a calling we need to uphold it and do what is right on our part. does it matter if the person were visiting doesn’t answer the door or we only talk for 4 mins with the person doing your part is what matters to the Lord.
Back to the story. having love for everyone is tough. My current Bishop named Baez doesn’t know what he is doing he has been in for 2 years now. doesn’t know how to confirm a new member. mummers and whines when we have a baptism because the ground gets wet and dirty from the font. this happened this past Saturday when we did a baptism. (who is so ignorant to not be happy for another soul another child of God coming unto the gospel unto the path of eternal life) as the story continues me and my comp show up the next day to church excited. as we walk in through the doors I’m looking at seats for only 20 set up. the rest up against the wall just resting. we have attendance of 75 or more every week. me and my comp then start setting up chairs. my bishop then comes over telling me no, trying to stop me from setting up more chairs. telling me that this needs to be an example unto the ward. i did not listen and continued to set up chairs. church then starts we are having people walk in we are starting to fill up fast. he then gets up and tries to announce why the chairs aren’t set up. starts to call people out by name. families who are all ready struggling with spiritual growth. starts to planch them and ridicule them for not doing there part of setting up chairs. he does this for 6 mins before one of the men from the family stands up and shouts to him this is not his fault nor any other persons fault (me and my comp are still setting up chairs) we have had workers over at our building for the past 2 weeks making repairs. they were in the sacrament hall working all day until 9 at night maybe even later. ( this is the reason why the chairs were not set up they couldn’t due to the workers working in there) my bishop at this point has offended 4 different families. 2 of which are struggling and 2 more who already weren’t on good terms with him. he was being a Pharisee on the pulpit and ended up eating his words. the service continues at this point we have 89 people in the church. this is the most in a really long time. he tries to start the sacrament hymn. we have to stand up and tell him we have a confirmation of our baptism yesterday. we shouldn’t have had to tell him because he was at the baptism and watched it happened. then when he tried to confirm our baptism with the holy ghost he who has had 2 years in the ward couldn’t do it right. he did not know where to stand nor do i truly feel he was worthy to do the confirmation. point and moral of the story do what your supposed to! get off your butts and be men called to serve and called to work. patience love and the hold ghost will guide you through the struggles but don’t give up. make your visits. full fill your calling as holders of the priesthood. con amor elder Hunsaker!

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