Friday, September 14, 2012

8/6/12 email

(Brad sent us some shirts from Mexico and other things, it was great to get them. That is what he keeps asking us about. The last line of his email is another gem, suitable for framing.)
Emms! Hola :) Your welcome lil sister does your shirt fit? I heard there was a big storm yikes! Did you get the tramp back? I love you baby sis!
Dylan! Hola mi hermano! Your welcome little bud. Does your shirt fit? I'm sorry about the candy. I have no idea why it didn’t make it. You can try and shoot the arrows if you want! I love you little bro!
Sunshine- No way you have one week what the heck just happened to the 3 months of summer oh yeah right out the window, like with your dream of never being a silly dork :p hehe sorry can’t help it sometimes! How was the summer break crazy it’s over no? Does your shirt fit? What are your classes and your teachers? Wow Phelps is killing it. Who has the most medals right now? I love you sis! Tell Kylie to send a letter to me ;) Thanks sis adios mi hermana!

Mother! Awesome I’m glad you got the package! Does your shirt fit? Sorry about the candy I have no idea where that went :p but hey I got your package! I don’t know exactly everything you sent because there was a little key chain I don’t think made it through. Those pictures of Anthem are nothing you should be here when it floods. It will happen here soon. I think it’s about the time of the year when it gets really crazy with weather! How are you doing? That is great about the Angles I’m so happy for them! I have a baptism this week the one on the week past did not go through due to the problems with bishop!!!! Wow you would not believe this crap here. And nope I did not leave the area. I’m still here we are going to be here to try and fix everything. Pres wants us to call him if there are problems and he will personally come out and take care of Bishop. Which is good but still this Bishop is no help for this ward. He won’t even do what is needed to have a kid who just turned 8 get baptized, which is just an interview asking if the kid is ready or not. Ugh! I’m getting ready to blow up with some great scriptures on this fool and planch him with the bible and Book of Mormon in hand but I’m holding off. Patience is the new game here. I love you mom and hope everything is going good! :)
Dad! How was Albuquerque. What were you doing out there? Yeah I remember it took forever to get to Albuquerque. Kevin Kolb what a joke, we should have traded him in. I heard Phelps was killing it, that is great. I’m glad maybe you’ll be doing a lot of missionary work, more than these people do here. They hardly help nor are willing to help the mission work here. So much garbage went down with changing areas I won’t even lie! Everything is ok I guess we are going to work as hard as we can. Did you like your wallet? Does your shirt fit? Things are alright we will make them better just have to change a couple things I guess. What are you doing, how is the work? I miss you dad. Miss all the fun times when we had a sit down talk and I wouldn’t listen and I would just nod my head thinking about something else but now I wish I had listened a little better ;) Love you dad have a great day!

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