Friday, September 14, 2012

7/30/12 email

Emmers. I love you too baby sis. Uh oh 2 weeks keep having fun before you enter back into school! Are you having fun watching the Olympics? Why did you shut your fingers in the door silly!
Dylan! Haha that is awesome you were sleep walking. Dylan are you being a good boy? I love you little buddy! Have fun these last 2 weeks of summer!
Cassie. I is not the end of the world Phelps lost, because that is what happens when you smoke weed you become a loser! I bet everyone is gone trying to have fun before school starts back up again! That is awesome I am glad she is doing better. You hit the wall what? With a car? I love you Cassie, have a great week!

Mom ok I will have to do it next week because I did not bring my camera. I don’t know if the people here get into the Olympics but they sure do watch. It’s not like mexico ever gets any golds any ways :p. Haha yeah right I'm not having my companions type my emails. All that advice really comes from me. Besides you would know if they were writing, they do not talk like me. They have been from Utah and Idaho nothing but, this new one Elder Price is well a hick haha that is for sure! He is from a farm in Idaho. We get along alright. But i have a story to tell you all! I love you mom!!!
Dad. My week was hectic won’t lie I’ll tell you why latter. I did not hear that wow Yankees got Ichiro? Why, he is so old. Well right not I am only focusing on 3 people for baptisms and I will tell you why later. My new comp is ok he is a weirdo but it’s whatever his name is Elder Price he is from Idaho. My mission president is a great guy he is always helping us out. Thanks dad we will try to have a great week here.

Alrighty then story time gather around and open your ears and minds. This week was going alright we were doing a good steady job on contacts and lessons( by the way mexican missionaries contact that’s right we contact American missionaries do not. We have to get at least the min 200 a week with more than 40 lessons. Those are set goals. Any way not important. We were teaching a lesson on Saturday, mid day we were in the middle of a lesson when I received a call from my mission president. He said pack everything and clean the house out, get the deposit back. I was stunned for a moment he had a firm voice. I told him I will get it done. He said good call me back when you know if you can get the deposit back. 15 mins later I found out we could get the deposit back Monday. I called pres back and he told me good you’ll be out of your area Monday then I am closing Frontera due to your bishop. We then talked, me and my comp. We have 2 baptisms this week. We pulled strings and pushed buttons and we will be staying one more week then we are out of here going to what is called Quatza. we are doing work on the 2 that are supposed to be baptized. We are going to help them get baptized because who knows how long this area will be closed for to be honest. Our bishop doesn’t even care that we are leaving. Everyone that knows ( like 4 members of the ward are crying and asking us to stay) it’s horrible I can’t stand to go but it’s what needs to be done. The bishop is a fool and will regret this decision. The people of Frontera will not suffer but I sure as heck know that God will not be mocked. We will have to wait to hear what happens to this bishop here. So we have been cleaning the house and everything moving everything getting it ready. It stinks but right now we are staying with a ward member and hopefully things get better but who knows! That is the story for the week kinda crazy huh? The important part of all this is that we as members of the ward continue the work. We as members need to be better. We need to be the example. The white shirts and ties and name tags are gone. It’s time to step up and do work. Not to fall and crumple it’s a test of faith. Time to start living the way are supposed to, no? I love you all its time to start doing the grown man bizz. Have a great week! adios! :)

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