Friday, September 14, 2012

7/23/12 email

Emmers! hola mi hermana como estas? That is fun how was the smurfs? I love you .)
Dylan..... I love you! I'm talking Spanish chasing iguanas what are you doing buddy?
Cass. Oh gez sounds like my room is being destroyed. Are my posters and everything still up? My bathroom is only yours for a little bit then its mine again don’t worry ill be home in a while to take it back. ;) That sounds like a lot of fun when the AC in the durango doesn’t really work! ha! Are you going to serve a mission? Think about it pray about it. I know this work is never ending and well it’s pretty cool even if you have to deal with problems but it’s fun I love it. Plus you don’t have a whole lot of rules :P haha yeah that’s a joke. I love you sister. Have a great one :)

Mother, my week was alright. We had a problem but were going to get them fixed here no worries! That is awesome Travis Pastrana is going big again! What was he racing please find out! That is cool can’t wait to see those movies. But I hope it’s without some wack dude coming in and shooting people! Did they kill him or catch him? That is good Cassie’s room is almost done! Finally, slow workers. Cassie is going to need to be close to the gospel to receive the grades she wants with those hard classes. She needs to get up every morning and pray read and keep our heavenly father on her mind all day. How are you doing mom? I love you hope all is well!
Dad my week was alright! But the bishop is causing so many problems for us. He is telling us we can’t baptize Sunday in the morning and we can’t confirm them right after in the service if we baptize them Sunday morning. Then he is throwing down apostasy it’s killing me. But I hit up our President and told him what’s going down and he is coming next Sunday to set this bishop straight. He won’t listen to me or my comp. My comp is getting switched out of here. I get another whitey tomorrow his name is Elder Price. He has only a year, just barley. I love working here it’s a good area just our bishop is not functioning the way he needs to.
Wow Christian lost 40 that is bad! I can’t believe that he has a tapeworm. I’m feeling way better we got our pills that cleaned us. That is great Yankees still doing work. The dbacks can’t trade him. I mean heck we just lost Nash! It’s good to hear that grandma is doing good! I love you dad have a great one :)

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