Friday, September 14, 2012

7/16/12 email

Emmers! Haha poop skittles that is a good one who taught you that? I love you little one. That water park sounds like a lot of fun where did you go?
Dylan! Hi little brother! Why didn’t you go on the big slide? Don’t tell me you got scared and pooped skittles, lol just kidding. Are you helping around the house with mom?
CASSIE. The area is good I’m really sick right now to be honest. I am pretty sure I have bugs up in my system lol oh well! It’s Mexico no? Hey how was efy? They had it here and well let’s just say it sounded like a lot of things changed. Why did you not do anything? Lazy flojas! She did not buy mice and let them lose in the bathroom at girls camp haha. I know what’s wrong with Mom, she doesn’t have me there to keep her sane ;p that sounds like a lot of fun I’m glad. I love you sis! Have kylie write me a letter thanks
Mom I will let you know when I get the package. But hey I got a problem mailing my packages home. They cost 600 pesos to mail home and well to be honest I do not have the funds to send them. Where did you go? Haha your a wack you sprayed slurpee everywhere. How is work going? Missing me yet? ;) I’m missing real food! Haha that is so funny you chased Cassie through walmart. When I get back you’ll be the one running not me! My week was good we had a baptism. but the other one fell through, they got sick so next week! Well I already said it but I'm sick! I think I have salmonella poisoning :/ I’m getting de bugged though this Thursday so that is good! Yep things are going good with my companion. He just needs to learn to clean up. Weird that I’m saying that right! He is a big pig so I’m doing the cleaning oh well guess its punishment! I love you mom! :) have a great one!
Dad! What up! I’m doing good Spanish is still the same just learning and patiently waiting to get it all down. Palanque is so crazy dad. It seriously is amazing. It is the land of the Nephites our tour guide was a convert and she loves it there. She was telling us so much crazy stuff. I can’t really explain it to be honest. I’m not even close to the ruins, it’s the furthest part of our mission. It took us 4 hours to get out there. Yeah come on dude get things moving with the missionaries already. Your a ex missionary do you even remember how to work or teach the lessons ;) Better start reading the pamphlets. Every once in a while we get a drug lord, there all chill with us. Our neighbor ended up getting out of the mess and won office! Pretty cool. Good I’m glad grandma is doing good! I did receive those names grandma sent. I emailed Bishop Christison last week ask if he got it. I love you dad! :)

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