Friday, September 14, 2012

7/10/12 email

He emailed on Tues instead of Mon last week due to a trip to Palenque ruins. He posted a bunch of pictures on his facebook page if you have access to it. If not hopefully I will have them added to his blog soon.
From: Bradford Hunsaker []
Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 1:07 PM
Emmers! I love you little sister. Did you get hurt when you kept falling? You had 19 kids in the game of Life, gezzz how did you do that. I miss you sweety!
Dylan! Hi. Nice job Dylan you caught crawdads. Did you get pinched by them? Your the best little brother I have =) I love you little buddy
Cass que paso flojo? Que fritiendo? How is summer you kickin nothing aren’t you being lazy! Learn to play the guitar. I heard Dylan had fun at Greer, how come you didn’t? Stick in the mud! That is so weird she is 16 now. You are growing up. You aren’t you little girls! I love you Cassie have a good one!

Mom! Oh mom if you were only here haha. I’m sure your sisters cheated in the Kayak because that is how your family works! That would be nice to come home and go camping. Wow Dad is 41 how old! So listen I went to Palanque it was amazing! I bought stuff for the whole family I will be mailing it home tomorrow. It’s pretty awesome I won’t lie! I won’t tell you what I bought because well it’s awesome! I have not gotten any cards or packages for a long time. Ummm send nutty bars, bugles, pictures and what ever else you want to send me I guess? Thank you
Dad my week was ok kinda long. We had trouble but we had some sweet miracles happen. We were looking for a special house but couldn’t find it for a while. We kept asking people and getting weird directions. Finally we see a house that fits the description but it wasn’t the house. As we were talking with a girl who lived there I heard there TV say the name Brigham Young and Taylor B Lee. I looked up and the dad was watching a movie about the church. He got scared when he saw us turned it off and left the house. The girl however let us in and we taught her a lesson she had a lot of questions and was sincerely interested in the church which made it awesome. We are going back today to find him now. Then a day after that we were looking for another house. Before I got to this area my comp looked for this person 3 times and could never find them. Finally we were walking down the street it was on and found her sitting out front. We were able to teach her and she accepted to be baptized next week! How sweet huh? She said she had the desire to change her life last week. So if my comp had found her a month before I got here she wouldn’t have had the desire to change.
What kinda crud is that? Nash is on the Lakers?? What the heck!
Ok I’ll be praying for grandma no worries! Wow that is crazy Dylan is in Cub Scouts. I love you dad! Happy birthday to you! Old man gez need a walker yet? Oh wait you don’t need one you got your little knee scooter haha! Love you

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