Thursday, July 19, 2012

7/2/12 email

From: Bradford Hunsaker [] Sent: Monday, July 02, 2012 11:32 AM (We were in Greer this past week with my whole family on vacation so there are a lot of references to the trip in this email. He would have been in Heaven on this trip.)   Emmers! Why did you cry on the ranger ride? Silly girl you shouldn’t be scared! Did you catch any fish? Why are there so many burnt trees? I love you little sis! Dylan! Did you shoot the fish with the air soft gun? Do you have a picture of the fish? I miss you and love you too buddy! Cassandra Elizabeth Hunsaker! That is good for you get unattached from your phone! I have been for the past 8 months!  Hey now! I didn’t sneak off during youth conference... ok maybe I did. What did Uncle Burke teach at youth conf I love you sister! Stay good!   Mother! Hello mom. That sounds like a fun vacation and of course it’s without me! Did anyone get hit in the face during badminton? That sounds like a lot of fun to watch. A guy sang “I’m proud to be an American” in sacrament meeting and did it with a boom box? How did that go? Haha I bet it was entertaining. No nothin on the drug lords everything is nice and calm here. The elections ended last night thank heavens. It was so annoying. Well the baptisms all fell through :/ I’ll explain at the end. Well I love you all so much! Hope everything is going good! :) I have 4 more months and then its a year... wow! Crazy huh. Tell everyone I said hi but Pam, and Chandler until he gets his papers in!   Father- yeah mom’s family is crazy it took you this long to figure it out gez what are you blind! Cassie.. cinco commentarios.  The Durango’s air went out again? Did you drive the Durango up camping? I'm kinda getting use to the new area but I don’t know how long I will be here we are getting a ton of new elders next month and I don’t know if I’ll be here or go somewhere else yet. My Spanish is coming along good I need to be speaking more. So we were supposed to have 6 baptisms this week but.....   the first one was a 12 year old girl who wants to be baptized but she couldn’t do it this week and then she leaves next Wednesday and doesn’t get back until august which sucks. Then the other kid named Obet his mom yelled at him when he said he wanted to be baptized and she told us it was fine that he could be so now he is scared. But he said in 2 more weeks he will do it so we will see. The other 3 were girls who were 8, 12, 13 but their mom had a really weird week and at the end of it her sister came over to help the girls get to church which was the day of there baptism and she yelled at them and told them if the get baptized in the Mormon church they will go crazy. A demon will take control of there body and make them crazy. Yep so that was a fun week dealing with this :/ so I’m hoping things turn around to be honest. But we will see! Oh next week I’m going to the most beautiful part of my mission and well they say that when you go there you have to buy things so I might have to take a little money out. They have a painting of the tree of life picture that they say is a vision that has been handed down from generation to generation. It’s the Aztec and Mayan culture. So yep love you guys have a great time camping! Con amor elder Hunsaker!   

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