Thursday, July 19, 2012

6/25/12 email

From: Bradford Hunsaker [] Sent: Monday, June 25, 2012 11:27 AM Emmer! You’re going where on a trip? I have no idea what Greer is haha. I love you little sister how is summer going?   Dylan! Hey buddy! Awesome shoot some birds with my airsoft gun! I love you have fun in Greer! Don’t shoot your sister! Cassandra! It’s weird I think I know how efy feels, just way more intense because of the mtc. I’m glad your testimony grew, why don't you share it. I’m glad you had fun. Please tell me you got you falling off the bed on video. My new area is wack! I love you little sister! :)    Mother! Hello mother who is younger than my father! The new town is kinda crazy but then again it is Mexico! The new companion is good he is from Utah but played baseball and we get along great. Sorry I haven’t uploaded any new pics in a while. I got my alligator scripture cover! Don’t be cheating in your new calling and using my stories for a lesson! We have 4 bautismos esta semana! Woo! I’m stoked it will be a good week :) I love you mom!    Dad! The new area is a bit crazy. It’s a fisher town and a lot of drug lords live here and there is a problem with the elections that are going on down here.  So our neighbor that lives next door is running for pres of Mexico or something and wow its nuts! Last night he got arrested by fake cops and they tried planting weed on him and all these crazy things! It was the other people running for office that called in that hit on the guy. The drug lords don’t mind us they actually give us a clear path when ever we come through they don’t mess with us because we are reps of the Jesus Christ. I will be careful gez calm down mom! No way the heat won :/ That stinks. No way, the missionaries are working with him! I’m glad to hear that! Hey next week or later today I’m going to drop Jade Owens address in a email give it to the missionaries ok. I will need a good solid vacation when I get home! plus I want to go swimming so bad!   This week we were contacting some people and when we got to church there was a girl who came in and said “listen I want to be baptized how and when can I be! We were thrown off guard we told her next week she said ok come to my house tomorrow I want to learn everything!" It was awesome I wont lie she was so blunt be that is what we need. We need people being honest and truthful right off the bat. Then I had a huge deep doctrine talk with some lady and it made her head spin she was getting into stuff that she couldn’t imagine nor wanted to accept so it was tough but she kept asking so I let her know what the truth was she was stunned and now she is really changing and looking at the gospel differently.  I love you dad! and hey what is this junk sent from my ipad at the bottom of the email you did not get a ipad did you!    

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