Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6/18/12 email

FYI There is a new address for his Mission Home, for mail use the following:    Av. circuito CD Deportiva No. 206 Col. Atasta C.P. 86100 Villhermosa, Tabasco   From: Bradford Hunsaker [] Sent: Monday, June 18, 2012 2:53 PM Dylan! Wow that is so awesome Dylan that you got baptized.  I’m so stoked for you! What a fathers day gift! Dylan I love you and I'm so happy you got baptized.   Emmie! I love you why are you sick! Weirdy! :P   Cassie! Wow Cass lookin like the jefe de jefes ahora! haha :) Sounds like a killer time. EFY uh oh but hey who knows maybe you’ll go and actually find a boy that isn’t lame like Caleb so good luck on that ;) Emmie is a nut job. How is summer going kinda weird that your in summer doesn’t feel that way for me lol. I love you lil sis adios. Con amor mucho amor mi hermana.    Mama! Hola como estas? Wow you all look like your responsible for part of the ward which can’t be good! You will be busy for sure! Ah ges Bishop Christion got in a car accident! What happened? Give him a slap of the five for me. (I think his Spanglish is showing through)  Let him know he is in my prayers. I got a hold of Christian, thank you for his email.  I hope I actually get this package! I love you mom! My new comp is from South Jordan name is Elder Larson he has 22 months in the mission. Looks like I’m ending another missionary haha. He is really cool we get along great. He isn’t like the last kid a totally weirdo. He played baseball so yeah pretty good connection. I love you mom adios!    Dad the new area is crap. It’s horrible. Worse than where I was just at. It’s in the middle of no where. Its on your way to the city of Carmen its called Frontera. Sounds like you’ll be busy with your calling too! Dylan that is crazy I’m so stoked for him. How big are his scriptures did you get him a quad? I’m going to go get my new alligator scripture covers this week! They are going to be sick. I’m not even close to the mountains. It’s a marsh here, I’m right by a river. I got a lot of work to do here I just gotta keep kicking the boulder, and the boulder here is big. I love you so much dad! Oh by the way I think I’m supposed to say something I don’t remember though..... oh yeah Happy fathers day! haha just messin pops I hope it was good! :) I love you dad! Have a great week :)   Yea I saw the pics from the baptism, they are awesome! There is no sams club near me. I’m like 2 hours away from villa. It’s smaller by far.  

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