Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6/3/12 email

His story for the week at the end is powerful…and the symbolism is amazing From: Bradford Hunsaker [] Sent: Monday, June 04, 2012 4:41 PM I love you Emmers! i miss you so much too!   Dylan! How is it going bud do you like it or what i love you Dylan!   Cass. What’s up where are the boundary cuts? You stink, I want to be on vacation swimming in the ocean, haha. Jocelyn is moving back where? I love you cass! Adios mi hermana.   Mom, Gavilin peak ward what? We should get to choose where we go. We have been here longest we get first rights. What about Tim and Kris where are they at? In our ward? :) Jeremy Smith is my new bishop weird haha. I miss you mom! How is the trip so far thank you for the pictures of sea world! I loved them and miss those times. I hope everything is going good. We baptized 2 this week! Whooo :D It was awesome and such a beautiful experience I wont lie. I love you mom :D How was the birthday?   Dad, yeah right the ward split is a big deal for you. Your going to be crying and missing Hallsey during sacrament meeting. Uh oh new calling just wait and see primary pres. Yeah you do need to focus on the gospel,  you’re slacking I can feel it from here I’m getting revelation, haha. Just wait until I tell the story at the end of the email you’ll love it! Mom, don’t get to sad or scared ok everything is ok :)  I would love a fathers blessing right now so try and give one through a prayer for me big guy. Thank you I love you dad and well I’m doing a lot better and doing what I can to improve everyday.   Ok so story for this week ready set go! So we had a sick awesome baptism this week on Saturday. Very spiritual. Then on Sunday they got confirmed with the Holy Ghost which was awesome. Plus it was fast Sunday. Alright so after church we went and ate. Then we were setting up for a noche de hogar family home evening. and we got the lesson planned out and the games set and at 7:30 started we finished about 8:35 and then the family we did it for is a part member they all live in gated off part and the mother father sisters and brothers live there about 15 people in all. So they all participated in the family home evening, it’s the family of Gaby and Lilly one of my converts, (Gaby and Lilly are a married couple that Brad baptized in a lagoon in March) we were trying to show the family that we don’t worship Jose smith so the lesson was focused only on Christ. We got done with the games and lessons and one of the brothers of Lilly is a pastor for another church who loves to talk trash about us and our religion but never to our faces. (wuss) but after the whole deal he was like wow that was really good I liked that I’ll have to try and apply that to my church :p haha So that was whatever but afterwards we were outside talking in park my comp, Lilly, Gaby and me. We sat down to talk. As we were talking i received a emotional inspiration to get the heck out of there right now! I could only move my body in one direction and that was left. When I turned left all I could see were 2 things a taxi that was coming around the corner that was all lit up and bright. Then I could see a man a big man in the shadows with a black shirt a baseball cap and a cig in the mouth. I whistled for the taxi to stop and told him esparame (wait). Ran back grabbed my backpack and my comp. telling Gaby and Lilly to get home now. As we walked toward the taxi the man from the shadows emerged still smoking his cig. But here is the catch I couldn’t see this man. I couldn’t see his eyes his mouth his nose his ears, nothing. I could see no face on this man. As I entered the taxi and told him el encanto (hurry) I looked back at the man who was leaning on a pole smoking away looking right in my direction. Still I could not see his face or his eyes and still I had the gut wrenching feeling. As we pulled away and were down the block 2 words came into my mind from a rap song that I can’t even remember they were Bang Bang. Like gun shots but I couldn’t even remember the song nor anything else. A little farther down the block all bad emotions and feelings fell away and then everything was peaceful again and calm. No doubt in my mind was it satan who was this man or image of a man. But for the Spirit to come into play and help me and my friends and comp out in the moment is only a testimony builder for me. If we listen we are guided. If we listen we are saved. If we listen we are blessed. I have no idea who this man was nor his intentions nor what could have happened but all I know is that it didn’t. That is my story don’t worry mom I'm safe :D haha I bet your freaking out right about now love you :)    

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