Wednesday, June 20, 2012

5/28/12 email

From: Bradford Hunsaker [] Sent: Monday, May 28, 2012 1:46 PM Emmers! Why in the world do I owe you $80 haha wacko! I sleep in my bed and sometimes my hammock! I love you and miss you sweet child!    Dylan! Sorry you were sick but I'm glad you made it back in time for your last day of school! how are you doing now buddy feeling better? I love you   Cassie! Wooow its summer already can you believe it! Your lucky your going on break I’ll need a trip to cali when I get home! Awh without me it won’t be the same. The ward is splitting no way that is crazy! I hope Katie ends up going with you all. Thanks lil sister be good and don’t get into to much trouble. I love you adios! Study Spanish ok chicita gringa! :)    Mom! Its all good I understand things were a little crazy last week! I got my package but it did not have a sams club card in it. It had the picture book which was pretty cool. I liked it. That is pretty awesome that people know me from Chad Mayberry’s mission. I don't know who it is though. Yeah you need to start planning Dylan’s baptism real fast. Things are going good we got the ward working again we had 60 come this week and 6 investigators. So that is really good. 2 are getting baptized this week woow! Things are going great but transfers are in 2 weeks and I have no idea where I will be to be honest! Things are good we almost got jumped last night by 3 drunk guys but I waved them off and the kept on there way kinda weird- I love you mom! hmmm I think today is a special day butt I can’t remember why? haha Happy birthday mom :) I didn’t forget no worries I aint like father.   Dad my week was good i don’t know what is going to happen i don’t think ill get transferred but then again I have no idea. the new family is doing good next week coming back to church for the first time since last year. You got staples in your gut man your lucky I’m not home because i would be jabbing that all day. you did not get a new car? i cant believe you what did you do with yours? I know you didn’t give it to Cassie. I was wanting to snatch that from you. No way ward split! Ya were working hard. My companion is still a weirdy. I don’t know why but yeah he is from bountiful and a weirdy that is for sure. I love you dad have a great week and feel better try not to break your ankle in the ocean!   I have to go now.  I’m getting alligator skin covers for my scriptures! It is real alligator! haha sick huh?

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