Tuesday, May 8, 2012

4/30/12 email

From: Bradford Hunsaker [mailto:bradford.hunsaker@myldsmail.net]  Sent: Monday, April 30, 2012 6:50 PM sorry this is late, it was a really really long day and we have been super busy.  I have until 9:30 and then I gotta go Emmie! I love you little sister! How was the movie did you like it? Dylan! Really did you have fun with the Galloway’s? That is awesome Dylan I bet you will have fun at your flag football birthday party! I love you brother so much! Cassie! Softball is over wow! That was real quick and well you girls didn’t do so hot haha. Oh what ever your only in your second year you have 2 more to go bucko strap up cause it gets bumpy! You get your wisdom teeth pulled did this week huh? I would be poking your face right. Ah I'm sorry about Katie geez I’m praying for her every day.? I love you Cassie and I will keep it all up no worries!   Mom! How are you doing! WELL is there one thing you can send me, another rod of iron like you did for Christmas. One of the guys in my ward really wants one. Nice nice glad to hear that he got everything done! I have no idea when i will be calling home for Mother’s day but i will try to find out! It would be nice to see the whole family on skype on mother’s day. Yeah I got Jocelyn’s letter but i have not gotten your package i got one from the girls in the ward. Tell them thank you for me. I love you mom! How are you doing? I get a gringo tomorrow as a companion! Dad! How are you doing? i don’t know about you but i haven’t had a worst week to be honest! that will be good hope he doesn’t blow a ankle or something (some refrence to one of the sports stories West shares). Uh oh no way! They can’t say goodbye to Steve Nash! How did he get hurt when will he return? haha good job dude way to go, spending the whole day on yard work. I bet you really did miss me! Don’t be lazy! Nope this week was the worst i have had so far in my mission but its ok I’m working out hard in the morning and nights to get rid of frustration. The 6 we had set up for baptisms I had to let go. It wasn’t going to happen. The families turned on us I don’t know what happened but things got really ugly. I got Grandma’s email but its really long and hard to respond to yours and hers because its so long. Yeah I have my testimony in Spanish no worries. I love you dad and to be honest i don’t really want to talk about this week sorry :( have a great week dad I love you! Oh get this I bought a espalda de laban for 46 pesos! (so like 3 dollars is what i bought it for nice huh! :) We have no idea what he bought.   

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