Friday, April 27, 2012

4/23/12 email

Emmie! I bet Disneyland was awesome! Did you miss me there? Your legs were tired I’m sorry lil one. Did mom carry you? I love you Emms!
Dylan! Did you get scared at all on Space Mountain? Ah you lost your hat, how did you do that buddy? I’m sorry, I’ll send you and Emmie some Mexican candy here soon! 

Cassieeeeee, hey Cassie! Did anything funny happen at Disney that I should know about? How did she like the trip with the family cause that is a different. 3 more games geez the season and life is rollin fast. Seems like you just played your first game. I’m really praying for Katie and I want to give her a blessing when I get back from my mission. I love you little sister :)

Mom! I bet you missed me! Was it a fun to be on the ride with Emmie? Did you really make a “Flat Brad” and take it on the rides, that is awesome! I didn’t get my package I got one the girls sent from the ward though. Tell them thank you. It was kinda funny Kylie sent me a letter in the box and the same week Hallsey did too. Both saying well we feel bad we haven’t written you at all haha. My week was alright could have been way better. It took a dive bomb 3 days ago. We taught a ton of people 37 lessons. Nope things are not better with the ward to be honest. 
To answer your question, what has surprised me the most is probably how much these people don’t have, but are so willing to give up to help one another out.
It’s really weird thinking I have 6 months in my mission I don’t know where the time went to be honest. I do have a favorite scripture right now, Alma 37:37 Why is it my favorite because I pulled it out on Sunday 5 mins before I was supposed to give a talk. They didn’t have any for the day so they were like ummm well today we will hear from elder hunsaker.... I was like uhhh this is news to me what the heck! I love you mom I hope your doing well today :) Does the time I have been gone seem to be going slow or fast? I haven’t heard a favorite scripture from you lately. Do you have one right now? I love you very much and miss you!
 Dad WAS UP BRA? I have no idea about a volcano, I haven’t heard anything. My week was alright could have been way better. I have no idea what they are going to do about transfers yet. I will find out next week what is up. They cooled off huh? Well keep praying for them I want to be home teaching them but we all know that isn’t possible right now. It’s nasty hot today! It doesn’t rain that much here this part of the year. So what if they try to drag the church and Romney through the mud. Its that time where we must stand strong and show others that we have our heads high and we will turn the cheek when they smite us.  Ok ready for the story this week! sooooooo.....
We have been teaching a family of 6. 4 children and 2 parents. The children have been listening to the lessons but the mother has only like 2. The father never, he is always asleep. So we had interviews this week 6 for our investigators. Yep all 6 are ready to be baptized (4 in one family and 2 from a different family). I’m on divisions with a gringo my zone leader when the interviews go down. So I wasn’t there. The dad listened to the interviews but they had no idea he was listening and no one said he was home. He listened to them all and then afterwards my other zone leader giving the interviews (he is Mexican) told our investigator’s mother and told her that he children were ready to be baptized and that if they don’t receive this baptism all the sins are above her head. Of course he was an idiot and the father heard this who is apparently straight up catholic and doesn’t want any change to happen in his family. He came out and attacked the zone leader with words. I got home the next day after divisions and heard what happened... how ticked am I? Pretty mad to be honest because now they cannot receive there baptism because our zone leader had and has pride and a lot to learn. So now I have to rebuild this relationship with the family to try and bring them closer unto Christ. We talked with the dad for a hour and a half about everything and shared some scriptures with him because his excuse was that his kids weren’t ready because they didn’t know everything. So I shared one that was about faith and how it isn’t a perfect knowledge and you don’t need a perfect knowledge to have faith. My companion shared Acts 8 the story about Philip and the eunuch about how they only talked for a couple hours and he realized he needed to be baptized and it was done.  We are hoping that the Dad will come around. So story is don’t have pride and watch what you say because you never know who is listening. I love you all! 

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