Friday, April 27, 2012

4/16/12 email

Emmie! I love you little one! I miss you to baby sister. Eating the iguana wasn’t gross silly it was so yummy!
Dylan! Some people cooked the iguana for us and we ate it! No I didn’t eat anything weird this week. I haven’t caught more animals only small lizards from time to time. I love you Dylan! And miss you

Cassie! It is not gross! It was so good! You have to try some! You won another game I’m so proud of you! 6 more weeks no me diga! esta loco! yea aims is a joke haha! your so lame. no betting in our religion dork! just kidding. the yankees are my team and so are the dbacks! I’m glad you miss me cause I miss you sister! Keep up the school and don’t slack off at the end of the year! 

Mother! We didn’t play volleyball or soccer this morning yeah so I’m on early. No Pday fun today. We didn’t have success this week :( no baptism they are being difficult so I hope this week upcoming we will see. This week was good kinda slow but good. that is cool what did papa talk about at stake conference? That is good to hear that Pres Weathersby shared my story! Right now I feel like it’s hotter here than it is in Arizona! I made that! Cass actually wondered what foot my friend broke who has a prosthetic leg? She’s truly a blonde underneath it all! No way! Cassie tripped running for the base and got out! That is too funny. I really wish I was there to see that.  I get my box from you tomorrow, I hope! I didn’t hesitate to eat the iguana. No it was awesome so good! Yeah I knew they would cook it for us. I found it running across the street so I grabbed it! This week was not to exciting. A dog tried to bite me twice! First my pants then the second time it was trying to really bit me and eat me. I had to kick it. It never came back around. My companion is done he has 2 more weeks. Then he heads home. Kinda sad but oh well! On to the next one!  I love you mother! Your awesome.... kinda ;) Thank you for everything! 

Dad,Was up bra! Como estas padre? No the baptisms did not go through :( I am 2 more weeks! I think it is getting better yes but quien sabe! The diamondbacks are off to a good start. I’ll wait to get the emails from them then! I haven’t written them I need to have them email me! No way, Burke totaled his BMW! How what happened? I love you so much too. Papas read the scriptures with the family every night stop being lazy! 15 mins that’s all ok dude! Gess ex missionary ;) haha tell me how things with Dennis go! I’m living life being a missionary its kinda weird saying that and being this way I didn’t really think to much about it but every morning I wake up and put on my tag and its just weird sometimes. I’m here I’m a missionary every day, day in day out weird. I was reading in Alma the other day about how Alma and his sons left to go and teach a city who was worshiping idols and saying crazy things how they were the only ones who were going to be saved and how the lawyers were fighting with Amman. Then the day after some crazy guy started to attack us with his bible in hand. I handed him a book of Mormon with the pages of Alma marked about the lawyers using there cunning words to deceive. That is exactly what he was doing it was weird how the situation came up the day after. Oh and also 2 missionaries got robbed last night by 2 drunks who had knives. They took there phone that is all. I love you dad and hope your doing well! And getting skinner too cause I’m not there to help you out with food haha ;)

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