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4/9/12 email

I hope you are able to view the 2 pictures I attached. The the story behind them is in the email below. Soon I will be posting more pictures on his blog. I think Elder Hunsaker may be wishing for emails from home. If you want to write him please do. He doesn’t have a lot of time on the computer to respond but he appreciates your thoughts.

From: Bradford Hunsaker []
Sent: Monday, April 09, 2012 12:05 PM

Emmie! How are you doing little girl? How was Easter? I did nothing. They don’t really celebrate it down here to be honest.  I love you Emmie!

Dylan way to go buddy on your pinewood derby races! I'm so proud of you way to go! How was your day today? Did you learn lots in school?

Cassie! lo siento pero cuando yo regreso es posible tu entiendes nada porque yo soy un choco diferente tipo de mexicano jaja entonces buenas suerte nina! :) Te amo mi hermana! como esta escuela y softball? yo no quiero aprendo como esta su novio y tu. por favor recurad su oracions en la noche gracias! como esta los examen de katie para la enfermidad. adios sun shine!

Translation: Cassie! I'm sorry but when I return you can’t understand anything because I'm a different type of Mexican, chocolate haha so good luck girl! :) I love you my sister! How is school and softball? I do not want to learn your boyfriend and you. Please remember your prayers at night thanks! How have Katie’s tests been? Goodbye sun shine!

Mother! Ooh mother how I love you! How are you doing? I can just imagine your face when you see there is a earthquake or when you hear something bad about Mexico. It’s funny I won’t lie. I had a great week we had some great lessons this week did some good righteous work. The mother signed the papers for her kids to be baptized. Oh yea listo (ready)! I can’t wait. We should have  4 bautismos esta semana pero quien sabe es para real. (baptisms this week but who knows it is for real) How is work going? I hope your adjusting well without me. Easter haha what is Easter? Nah they don’t hardly celebrate anything here just drink a ton of corona that’s about it. Everyone went on vacation so it was really hard to try and find people to teach. But guess what! I caught a huge iguana and gave it to a family. We left and the next day we got a call saying hey come over we need some help. Next thing we know were eating it. And well let’s put it this way it was delicious! Yep that’s right! We had iguana tacos! Holy molly soooooo goood!!! It had 36 eggs and we ate them all, so good as well haha. I bet your face is like ewww right now. Really Elder Woods got that sick,  it  reminds me of my first 2 weeks here,  being sicker than a dog. Elder Reber is headed out, that is cool. This is good we have 3 missionaries out right now that is awesome. Tell the Armstrongs and Russ Hi! I did not get my package ;(  Those are some awesome pictures and videos at the ruins I took you know it!  What Nana rolled down a hill trying to compete with my huge roll at the ruins. Nana is so funny! I wish I could see the video! My shirt was only slightly dirty to be honest haha.

Remember my friend Steele Downing from LDSBC, he had one leg? He broke his foot on his mission in CA and has to return home to have 3 surgeries on his legs :( He got home Saturday night and got released as a missionary yesterday sad :(  He broke is playing volleyball. The locals don’t get mind the earthquakes at all to be honest. Neither do I. I think its cool to experience them it’s new! I love you mom I hope your doing well! :)

Father! Father of mine, tell me where have you been, I just closed my eyes and my whole world changed into dirtiness and smelliness. What’s up bra! How is the lawyer thing coming along? I was reading in Alma yesterday about the lawyers who were trying to cause a confusion of words for the Holy Prophet Alma yeah how wicked can lawyers be? ;) You and papa are tongue twisting people to win cases gesss how wrong. How was the discussion with Dennis? Are the missionaries going to go back? Those ruins were Comalcalco. They are 50 mins away from where I’m at right now.  So how much of the pinewood derby car did you build? All of it right? Because that’s how mine was as well. Really you granted your first wish with Make a Wish foundation? Was it a touching experience? I would love to do that when I get home after the things I have felt and seen here in Mexico. As far as spiritual stories we taught a lady who has 4 daughters ready to be baptized and she didn’t really want them to be but we taught lesson 1 and she was ready after that so they just need to come to church 1 more time and they will be ready. I think we have 5 baptisms for next week and 3 maybe 4 for this week. We have been really working hard with a couple families. I hope it all pays off and they except what the Lord wants them to have. How was Easter for you? I love you dad hope all is going well! Wack lawyer... haha just kidding

Love Elder Hunsaker!

On Mon, Apr 9, 2012 at 3:14 PM, Carolyn Hunsaker <> wrote:
That stinks about Steele.  Poor guy.  It is amazing how perfect your mission is for you. I know you love all this crazy animal/creature/insect stuff.  I am sorry it takes so long for you to upload pictures but it is well worth the time you spend doing it.  They bring happiness to all of us here.

From: Bradford Hunsaker []
Sent: Monday, April 09, 2012 1:19 PM
The heat is beating me up pretty good because it gets really really hot here its like I’m wearing my football gear and walking around all day. Yeah I uploaded some more its taking a while but I uploaded them. Haha happiness for you all but I can’t even be there to see your faces which stinks! I miss everyone.

From: Carolyn Hunsaker
Sent: Monday, April 09, 2012 1:41 PM
You are missed by many.  We miss you all the time and Dylan and Emmie miss you a ton. The walk down the hallway to bed is usually when they break down.  It is weird to think how different they will (may be) when you get back, Emmie maybe not so much. She is still as nutty as ever. I guess Jake Armstrong is past the half way mark, 11 to go. That will be you before you know it!

From: Bradford Hunsaker []
Sent: Monday, April 09, 2012 1:40 PM
I’m almost at half a year which is crazy to think about for me but yeah its awesome. I cant wait to see them they are so funny. I miss them so much so much.  I love my little brother and sisters. Cassie probably doesn’t break down as much huh lol.

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