Thursday, April 5, 2012

4/4/12 email

There was another earthquake in Mexico while we were emailing on Monday I think that may be why his email doesn’t really have an ending to it this week. #3, I guess West and I (and Brad) better get used to those occurring. If you have seen the picture of him holding the owl I asked if it was someone’s pet. The answer is  in this weeks email.
From: Bradford Hunsaker []
Sent: Monday, April 02, 2012 12:44 PM

Emmie! EMMERS! I LOVE YOU! :) Mom tickle her for me thank you. What are you going to go watch on this field trip? And what’s with these field trips? I never had this many! 
Dylan! How does your pinewood derby car look? I bet it looks padre! (cool en esponal) I miss you too buddy. I’ll be home soon no worries bud! I love you! Cassie take Dylan down and tickle him for me haha.
Cassie! My week was good how was yours? I had a really good day today how was your week? What did you end up doing anything funny or silly I should hear about like tripping down the stairs and throwing up on some more kids? General conference was really good! What about Nelson “you can’t just have a explosion in a library and make a dictionary”. So funny, or when Christofferson dropped the bomb on the translators and said translate that, so funny the Mexicans were like uhhhh I don’t understand that word. Have a great week Cassie miss you little sister! :) 
No Mom we didn’t have April fools day, well at least that I'm aware of maybe we had some jokes but I don’t know wasn’t really paying attention to anyone just watching conference. We watched it in the chapel we got to watch it in English woo! But priesthood we had to watch in Spanish. I couldn’t hardly get the whole talks down but I got some good points. My week was great thank you, how was yours? My companion is a lot better than I thought. He helps me out with Spanish and I’m very grateful for this. To be honest I’m learning and speaking a ton more which is awesome! The owl was in someone’s house. I caught it, man that thing was so cool! We found some really cool people this week to teach one is a lady named Rosa and she has 2 daughters her husband died 4 months ago in a accident. I don’t know what it was but he died. They are dirt poor no lie and well there house is wow bad! They have pigeons living inside the top of their house. It’s basically all tin and so sad! But they love the church came to our activities but couldn’t make it to conference. We have another family that were teaching they’re awesome the mom isn’t married to her boyfriend which is a problem. She can’t get baptized but the children are 12 and 13 and want to be baptized but the father told them no they cannot but he allows them to come to church every Sunday. So the mom is telling us that she is just going to sign the papers and allow her children to be baptized because she knows its right. The family is awesome. If the kids miss me of course you can let them sleep in my bed its fine. I’m not there to clean up Dylan’s throw up! 
Yo que fue papa? Todo es bien claro que si. Eh el otro es un problema ahorra pero nosotros tiene fe en esta semana ya un bautismo. Psh en nuestro mision muchísimo claro. todo es bueno con mi nuevo compannero como esta su compañero? La verdad yo no se cuanto tiempo yo tengo en esta area pero yo pienso 2 mas transfers. Si personas entienda me un poco de el gente no entienda.  
Yeah I’ll translate it, I said that we have had a great week. We are waiting on the baptisms to happen this week. We have progressed a lot with a lot of the families. I have no idea what the number of baptisms for our mission is right now to be honest. 

Our friends there need me to come and teach them, that is what needs to happen. If the missionaries there are having a hard time I’ll come home with a mouth full for them. There has to be something to help this family. Dad fast and pray for me for a day and hit up a temple session because I can’t or some how take the missionaries early one morning for a session to find the answer. Thank you I want them to find the truth I really do. Oh no way Kentucky vs Kansas was it a good final 4? Thank you dad :) I know I’m doing what is right. I’m not becoming a man, I’m already one just growing into it a little more haha love you dad! 

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