Sunday, April 1, 2012

3/26/12 email

I added some more photos to his blog ( You will want to see a couple of these.  I never know what we are going to get pictures of next. Also if you want to catch up on any old emails (or revisit any, especially the one from 12/26/11 and 2/27/12) they are there too, as well as older pictures. Thanks for supporting him.
From: Bradford Hunsaker []
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2012 2:10 PM

I found a camera for 2099 pesos in American it is 165 dollars not bad it’s a good camera too! I haven’t bought it yet. I will wait for the Sam’s club card.
That is awesome Emmie! You went camping and there was snow? Did you throw snowballs at daddy and ruin the keys to the car like I did? ;) I Love you Emmie! 
Dylan buddy! How are you? That is awesome did you like it at Meteor Crater? I love you. How is baseball?
Cassie Yeah that is awesome about Katie! I’ll be praying. Thank you for keeping me updated on those results that makes me really happy. How is school? Keep studying Spanish so we can talk trash about mom and dad when I get home. Well I don’t know if you’ll be able to understand my Spanish because its choco! That’s what were called “chocos” its so different its awesome! Alright love you sis be good and remember who you are!
Mom! The earthquake was freaking nuts! So awesome! I wont lie I felt that one! It was cool way strong too! Stronger than the last. We were on a bike when it happened so that was really weird. Don’t be scared there aren’t buildings to fall on top of me. They’re more than likely to just collapse because they’re built in 2 days. No way a garage in Anthem exploded? That is really weird! Wow anthem is just a weird place when I think about it now. I'm used to people walking around with machetes, drunks talking to me and fire burning everywhere, trash as well. Really weird. That growth on my forehead (he had a huge bump on his forehead in several of his pictures recently so I asked what the heck it was)  I forgot to tell you all about. I got bit in the middle of the night by a spider! and ouch! That really really really hurt I wont lie, really hurt. Things with my companion are good we are getting along better than my last. He actually works with me pretty well butt he doesn’t like to walk a whole lot and well we walk all day long! My members are doing well but we are having trouble with the area Pres right now, Elder Johnson and our Stake President Zapata and our Bishop. It is a mess to be honest trying to stay away from these problems. No progress with the man with the dream. He works and is drunk constantly. Yah the picture of the lamb, that is someone’s pet I think. Cool huh? I love you so much mom! :) I have been starting a lot of the discussions its cool and fun to speak with these people. Thank you mom for everything :) Please send more nutty bars. 

Dad! What up! Que fue bra? My week was good, we taught a ton but did not have a baptism :( My 7 weeks of straight baptism ended, sad but oh well. I’ll start again this week.  :( Manning is gone, we had a great chance right there. My companion is good. He is from some part of Mexico 2 hours north of Mexico City. He is 22 years old and 5 year convert which is cool. I have no idea what is my favorite thing they cook here. There is some really good meat here but I don't know what it is half the time which should worry me but it doesn’t haha. I didn’t see any damage from the earthquake but it was awesome super strong! The pope is in Mexico which is making things tough for us right now! I love you old man keep growing them grays haha ;

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