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3/5/2012 email

There are more pictures posted on his blog now,

From: Bradford Hunsaker []
Sent: Monday, March 05, 2012 1:03 PM
Cassie your a dork! Yep I'm a missionary and I only speak the truth so that is real! haha ;) How is catching going really for you? Just don’t shut your eyes when the ball is come in and don’t get hit with a bat! I love you little sister. That is crazy about Reber gess!

Dylan! Hi little brother! sweet! Get ready for your first game practice and play hard buddy! Haha the little one bit you? I love you brother!

Emmie! I love you tiny little monster! Camping with out me! Meanie! I miss you too sister!

Mom what kind of dream did you have about me? Bad good lol what’s up why so worried what happened in the dream? I’m sick of my companion. Glad he only has a week and a half left! The dream story is crazy I know! (This is about the story he told us last week about the man who had a dream 10 years ago) He is like 39 or something like that close maybe I don't know. They have been really hard to talk with though. They get super drunk and then they don’t show up to church or aren’t home. It’s really tough trying to get a hold of them! Things are good here. I’m adapting to the weather. This morning was weird, really cold. It’s weird here warm.. hot.. really hot.. cold rain.. wind, weird weather! I love you mom!

Work with Dylan get him throwing rocks and everything he can to build arm strength! That is a crazy story wont ever forget that one! (again the man who had the dream) It will be better when I get him baptized! Things are good here just warm! My companion goes home hopefully on the 15! I have no idea who ill get next. I want a mex comp. though to teach me, this one taught me no Spanish :/
I hope the package is there I want some real food! It stinks that the food here isn’t as good! I will not want rice or chicken when I come home that is for sure. I’m getting real sick of it here. I had some bomb barbacoa today oh so good! Keep trying to figure the lawyer thing out! Funny I love you dad! Be good and remember who you are okay? Lol (the standard warning we used to give him every time he left the house)

On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 9:27 PM, Carolyn Hunsaker <> wrote:
What was with the scorpion eating picture? Do they eat those down there? Or did you just find it on the street? (picture posted on his blog)
From: Bradford Hunsaker []
Sent: Monday, March 05, 2012 1:23 PM

No they eat them here haha that is no joke. It didn’t taste as good as I thought it would :/ Haha but yeah they eat them here, turtles just about everything that moves cat dog fish monkeys horse frogs snails all of it. It didn’t taste as good as I thought kinda reminded me of Bear Grylls haha! Tell the Kings I say hello.

Ok so this week we had 1 baptism, it was good! Then next week is going to be really sweet trust me it will be a special treat when I send those pictures. We have 2 more but that story is for next week. I’ll tell a little part about it now. So this couple was wanting to learn more we taught for the past 2 weeks and they didn’t really catch on all that well. But then one day it caught fire to there pants and they felt the spirit it was awesome. Any who we didn’t even have to offer the baptismal commitment for them they asked us if they could be baptized haha how awesome! This week is there wedding on Thursday! It will be awesome! The part about there baptism is the special part ok just wait. The cool thing about them is that they didn’t want anything to do with us anymore to hear nothing more but we had one last lesson and they where so down for everything after it was awesome!
Oh yeah I forgot to tell you my camera broke! :( the display on the screen cracked so I can only see half of a picture I take
I love you papa! Be good and smack my dad for me! haha yeah right gotta go bye!

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