Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3/19/2012 email

As some of you have heard there was another earthquake in Mexico. It was far enough away from Brad’s area that we are confident all is well.  He may have felt it, like the last one, but it should not have an impact on his area. Two earthquakes in 3 months for him. I guess Mexico is feeling the “Brad effect”.

From: Bradford Hunsaker []
Sent: Monday, March 19, 2012 2:02 PM
Dylan! hola mi hermano! como esta? :) How did the baseball games go this week bud? It’s ok that the lizard died. I don’t know where my pinewood derby car is at actually. I love you Dylan! 

Emmie hi! What a horse bit you! Are you kidding? See I told you they were not to be trusted! Did you throw the ice balls at Cassie? I love you little sister!

Cassie! What a dork haha who gets hit in the face 2 days before prom! Haha dork! :p How was the first victory? Did they forfeit or something? jk What is your record right now? It’s spring break and your doing nothing ges loser go practice or something. Idk be productive! Get a job. How is school going? You driving the durango still? I love you little sister! :)
  Dearest mother 
Good afternoon! Buenas tardes! Como esta? Yes I got the picture thank you very much! I got the other ones as well! What’s up with that snow (it was hail) and a horse biting Emmie in the stomach on a field trip? How in the world did both of those happen? I don’t understand how that works out! Kelsie got engaged wow! That is cool. I mean heck she already had the best man in her life once (of course implying himself) so now she has to settle for the rest of the world ;) Haha but really I'm happy for her that is a good! First Kam then her! Crazy wow Cade is back! Where are they living? That is funny about Dylan and Emmie measuring how tall they are. They will both grow a bunch by the time I get home which will be really weird for me! I love you mom! :) I’ll use photobucket. I love you mom! :)

Dad! What up! It has been good so far I learned how to cook hotcakes and tortillas today and yeah I burnt my finger tips a little, pretty funny. On our Pdays we play soccer and volleyball. I still don’t like soccer at all. For laundry we use a member’s machine. That is pretty cool you had a big storm. I wish we would have a huge storm or something here its crazy hot! It’s only going to get hotter too! Oh well! Tell Roger Hill hi! The cardinals didn’t get Manning? :( That sucks! No they didn’t make me a “greenie” breakfast for me or anything like that here. They aren’t weird like Utah people serving missions, here we’re men duh! Yeah about my next companion :/ ugh I heard the Elder is a bum which isn’t good. He doesn’t like to work at all, sleeps in I guess. Not good for my second companion. No we don’t have mountains here at all! None! But there are a ton in other parts. I had a 3 hr drive on Friday for a wedding. It was cool to see different parts of Mexico. We had another wedding and a baptism. It was good! A great week! My companion comes tomorrow and my other companion goes home Wednesday in the afternoon. I love you dad! Thank you for pushing me and don’t worry I pushed back ;) 

On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 3:15 PM, Carolyn Hunsaker <> wrote:
Learning to cook a bit wow that is amazing. Are hot cakes like our pancakes? Do they put bananas in them? Papa says be nice to your new companion and help him to be a good missionary.  You can make a difference.
From: Bradford Hunsaker []
Sent: Monday, March 19, 2012 2:15 PM
Hot cakes are pancakes they cool they flip them with there hands. Yeah I burnt my fingers a little haha! They aren’t like ours they’re better, maybe I don’t know, it’s been to long to tell the difference. They do not put bananas in them I wish they did. I’ll try to help him by making him walk everywhere and learn how to sweat cause that’s how I know how to work! I didn’t get the peanut butter you sent yet. Hey I got to go. I love you mom! Have a great week!

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