Monday, March 5, 2012

2/27/2012 email

He had a great week and shared an amazing story, confirming he is exactly where he should be, where the Lord needs him.
From: Bradford Hunsaker []
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2012 1:45 PM
DYLAN!!!! Your team is the sand knats that’s a cool name. What is the logo for them? Yes you can use my bat bag Dylan :) I wish I was there too. Dylan I really do I love you little brother. Do something for me okay? Everyday go into the back yard and throw a baseball as hard as you can at the wall at least 20 times ok?

Emmie you little booger how are you doing? You saw a baby havalina, that is cool. Did you chase it? You came out of bed crying you missed me? awh how sad is that :( I love you little small wild child :)

Wow you are going to be jv catcher! Big responsibilidad there Cass are you up for it? Sounds like it will be lots of fun for you! I love you Cassie stay away from that boy and have a great week! ;)

I love you mom! My week was awesome I’ll put the stories in last no worries. I was lucky enough to receive the valentines package today! Thank you for the candy. The mint from Ella made me laugh so hard! The puzzle was cool too. Thank you for the note on the back! The word for puzzles es rompecabezas, which is funny because rompe es break and cabezas es your head. Oh how cute is that Kate and Dylan getting baptized together! I want to be there so bad! Tell Tim and Kris that is awesome that they have a new one coming tell them I’m so happy for them. How awesome is that! :D Ainsley, that is a cool name! It was a great week stories to come no worries! I love you Mom! :) madre :)

Hola dad! how are you? my week was good! tell them I’m doing great :) Right now I am not sure how many wards there are. I know there is at least 3, two wards go to my building. The lessons are going really good. I had to give a talk this Sunday. I know I've changed. Its weird I won’t lie, I know I’ve changed. I have grown, but not my waste size lol. I love you dad!

Oh my gosh that is hard... wow my heart kinda just sunk. (We told him that 2 people who used to be in our ward passed away. One was a young father of 4 who had heading down the wrong path)  The importance of keeping commandments just came into my head. also the fact of fulfilling your office as a priesthood holder (Jacob 1:19)
Story time! Ok so this week we had 2 baptisms. How awesome right? 3 weeks in a row we have at least one. Next week we will see if we get more. Next week we have 2 maybe more we will see. We are trying to get a baptism in the lagoon here which would be so sick. Pres. said to try for it. We went on divisions (divisions or splits are were he and his companion split up for a few hours and each go out with a ward member) during the week for a couple hours cause my comp. need to interview someone else for a bit. I was with a member from our ward who was my companion at the time we had a amazing experience! During the lesson we were talking giving the lesson when in the middle the father said, “Where are you from because I can hardly understand your accent and Spanish”.  I  laughed so did everyone else.  Right before I was about to answer his question his son said, “He is from Phoenix Arizona”... I was like yea butt how did you know that? He said, “I had a dream about you 10 years ago talking about baptism and repentance”... I couldn’t talk I was shocked and stunned for a minute. We sat in silence then the member bore testimony of the truth of the Holy Ghost as well as I. We were filled with a magnificent moment. How crazy huh? It’s still nuts to think about to be honest. We will be going back to teach them this week. That is my story for this week! Yesterday I had a some bomb fish tacos, wow they were so good! Yummy! Ok so I want Jade to start taking the lessons. I will send her letter about them and see if she is interested, we will see. How are the Chaides? How is Emma doing?

I love you all so much the spirit is real!

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