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2/13/2012 email

From: Bradford Hunsaker [mailto:bradford.hunsaker@myldsmail.net]
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2012 1:44 PM

Yeah I've had Mexican candy. Its spicy here but it’s good not all of it is spicy though don’t worry! I love you Emmie!

Dylan stop being sick! What team do you want to be on? (Little League baseball) What kind of milk did you drink?

I love you Cassie! Things are great I'm doing peachy today I’m a little hungry yo tengo hambre! Haha que paso usted necesita el bona haha!  As may loco en aqua! I do not in fact like him haha but that’s ok cause he isn’t in my mission so I don’t have to like him necessarily ;) crazy yeah Hamilton is a straight nut! 

I asked and the movie is fine! Yeah I can’t wait to see it again its so good! Yeah so things are good this week no baptisms they fell through but... we have at least 5 this week and 6 possibly next week. So yeah were moving along just fine teaching a lot of people running through the streets of Mexico and what not! Eating peoples pet chickens for dinner yummy! What up at a home? Can you get me some swag old spice deodorant? It is really expensive here. (I love that in his mind it is less expensive for me to buy it and ship it all the way to Mexico and hope that it isn’t stolen along the way) Mom I love you so much! so much mommy hehe :) be my valentine today lol! รงรง

Dad you’re a well I can’t be mean cause I’m a missionary haha! Things are good just chilling its raining so much here its ridiculous! I don’t even know what to do I’m always wet! I’m way cooler than you don’t even front like your special! Oh yeah one of those girls I think was special. (I asked him about pictures of some Sister Missionaries from the MTC) Her name was hermana Andrea. She was special I think lol. How are things going at work? I love you. Tell mom to get rid of that junk right now! (He is referring to my car) No we haven’t had anymore threats or anything like that but we are teaching so many people it’s ridiculous! Tell papa I love him and tell Hallsey, well keep being your self haha! Oh tell Chad Killebrew that I can get real soccer jerseys for him and Ben if he wants! They’re pretty cool!  
I love you old man! 
On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 3:12 PM, Carolyn Hunsaker <chunsaker@morristrust.com> wrote:
I will get some and send it.  Are you completely out? But you don’t really need “swag” in Mexico, not worrying about the ladies are you, HAHA? If you can send a small package I bet the kids would love to see some Mexican candy. So do the other missionaries use photobucket? I am printing a few of them today to see the quality. Have you gone on any wild rides lately on the Mexican buses?

From: Bradford Hunsaker [mailto:bradford.hunsaker@myldsmail.net]
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2012 2:11 PM

No it’s just the kinda I like is all I like the smell for me. I don’t like the girls here icky! What are you doing how is work?
On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 3:20 PM, Carolyn Hunsaker <chunsaker@morristrust.com> wrote:
I think the drink was Horchata (sp). I will pass on the new messages.  I bet you are wet all the time.  Are your shoes doing okay? You have a ton of baptisms scheduled.  We will cross our fingers for you.  Of course I will be your valentine! I will be honored! So Hermana Andrea huh? Have you been writing her? I think you may be eating people’s pet dogs not their chickens… Is it hot and wet? I will send the movie with your deodorant.  Are there any other American supplies you need? Does your companion need anything? Of course who knows if he would still be your companion by the time you get things.

From: Bradford Hunsaker [mailto:bradford.hunsaker@myldsmail.net]
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2012 2:18 PM

Horchata! It’s so good I’m going to learn how to make it so good! My shoes are fine yeah no worries! :) No I haven’t been writing her haha oh well maybe after the mission. I have no idea what I’m eating anymore! Its hot and wet yeah :/ thank you mommy! I have no idea what they use to be honest I haven’t asked how they do it, okay I’ll send some candy haha no worries! Next week. Oh question can I pull money off my chase card to buy a soccer jersey or possible a hammock instead and send it home for everyone? They are all wild rides. The other day we had a crazy get on and yell dios dios dios repent repent repent haha! I could use some more vitamin C to be honest. No he is good. He leaves for home next month. I haven’t talked much about him but he is 26 and lives in Mexico City. I love you mom so much! I got to go, meeting with the pres in 30 mins! I love you! 

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