Monday, January 23, 2012

1/23/2012 email

I’m doing good sorry about last week we got rushed out off the computer, they dudes had to leave. I don't know. Yeah I'm doing good I did feel it! (there was an earthquake off the southern coast of Mexico on Saturday morning.  It was a 6.2)  It was really weird to be honest I wasn’t really sure what was up I was in a chair sitting down and I don’t know it felt like I was rocking back and forth! Pretty neat first one I have experienced. No damage that I noticed.  Nah, the lord has our back no worries :)

Spanish is coming along good.  The people here are really nice. How is home?

I heard it takes a week for a letter to make it from me to you. I don’t know if that is true though. But I will write one for him no worries. Yeah I’m going for the giants too! How is that they are in? To be honest Manning isn’t as good as his brother! I don’t want something to be honest.  Reeses and some lds dvds like movies por favor :)  (I asked him what he wanted me to send for Valentine’s Day) Maybe a new tie too lol.

I love you too dad! 
Dylan, I’m sure the lizard will be fine in time. Try mixing things up, use meal worms and silk worms which you get at petco. (One of Brad’s other Lizards has stopped eating) I love you Dylan!
Emmie! Yes our toilet is working again haha finally! 100th day of school, no way! This Friday is one whole month in Mexico! Woo!  I love you Emmie!

Cassie are you doing softball? Love you too keep the school up and keep taking Spanish so we can make fun of mom and dad when I get home!

I think sending me a camera would be fine everyone else gets their packages just fine here. I don’t see why I wouldn’t! Sorry about last week gess get over it you big babies.  I’m here doing work can’t expect me to just be able to type everything ;) just kidding. I love you mom.

Ok so this week has been really tough. I would call this email, JUST POUR IT ON because we came to find out more hard news about everything here. The stake president stole money from the church. People don’t want to get baptized because members are talking trash about the ward.  Victoria the 80 year old lady is struggling but she is a champ. We baptized a lady this week. But yeah back to Victoria, she is being threatened by her husband that he will pegar nosotros y Victoria con un machette yep crazy huh? (TRANSLATION, I think-) Because we are teaching her leccions (lessons) she is being threatened to be hit with a machette and same goes for us he said. But she still wants the lessons and wants to be baptized we have a couple more this week. 2 next week I hope, if they hold through to the end. We will see, but all I can say is that a 80 year old lady has felt the spirit once in her life la verdadero evangelio de jesucristo entonces quiera mas porque El Espiritu Santo es en hermana vicotorias corazon!  Such fe (faith) its awesome! TRANSLATION, She has felt the spirit once in her life, the true gospel of Jesus Christ and then she wants more because the Holy Ghost is in Sister Victorias’ heart. I love you all so much! 

Try doing something for me everyone that reads this. Read the scriptures with the family, everyone pick a favorite scripture from the chapter and then everyone for 10 mins study out what you learn from it.  Afterwards share your testimony about what you learn and think about it. I want to see how many different things people come up with for spiritual growth. I love you all :)

For PDay (preparation day) we play soccer and volleyball and workout a lot! I don’t want to get fat!

So I just threw a bunch of photos up on facebook for everyone and mostly you guys they are very special to me you will love these I promise. I took photos of animals for Dylan and Emmie :) (Brad thought he had successfully uploaded a bunch of pictures to us in previous emails but none came through.  He tried again today and it took 5 min to send one picture so he just put them all on his FB page)

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