Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1/9/2012 email

My week has been good. I am trying to send the pictures to you all but wow there is slow internet here. How is your week? Okay who want stories? So this week we got to talk to a drunk man and when I say drunk I mean drunk could harldy talk or stand. We talked to him for a little bit. Brought the spirit and made him cry kinda funny to be honest because he was atleast 6 ft and just ripped for a Mexican.  He was trying to be hard. A couple days latter we teach a hardcore catholic and she is like 80 or something. All her life she’s been catholic and we taught her a lesson and she was like wow, today I was cold and now all of a sudden I feel really hot  like there is a blanket on me. Yeah she felt the spirit alright. She is ready to get baptized the right way. We had 4 investagators come to church they are getting baptized this saturday which rocks! Then a couple days ago we had to go pretty far in a mini van. These things are straight sketch! We fit over 30 people in this van I couldn’t even count how many where inside the van.  Peoplel are just everywhere waiting to learn. We talked to man yesterday on our way to church. He was so sad and lonely. We talked with him he wasn’t happy with life but he listened to us long enough to want to take the lessons. Yeah things are strange here. I see dead cats and dog cow you know it cool. how are the chiades? (This is the family from Anthem that Brad knows that are taking the lessons) Things are weird here wont lie.  You have to watch out around every croner people don’t think twice to run you over haha its funny.

I love you <Dyaln I love you emmie be good for mom and dad
Love you cassie woo! seminary alright sounds awesome haha is softball started? its so freaking hot today i wont lie!
I love you all so much :)

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  1. Brad and the Husakers,

    It's great to hear from you! Thank you so much for remembering us in your Happy New Year letter. It's great that we can follow Brad's emails with your blog. You gotta love blog! We sure miss the Anthem ward. We love so many people here in Idaho but Anthem ward is our favorite ever. I invited Ashley to this blog too. Brad thanks for your example by serving a mission. You (we) I'm sure don't realize the reach of our influence on others. We'll likely be reading some of your letters with the boys on FHE night.

    You are in our prayers Brad. You all take care and God bless.

    Craig Smith