Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1/30/2012 email

From: Bradford Hunsaker [] Sent: Monday, January 30, 2012 4:15 PM
Wow crazy Jordan is in Mesa? que paso familia? Wow yeah things are good right now I'm loving this place. It is so humbling here, cerio (serious) it is way humbling. I did not have a baptism this week :/ Things kinda hit the fan this week with our baptism. Things are getting wild but we are trying to handle it in a good way to help everyone in this area. Ok so new story this week is Vicky, she came to church!!!! Holy crap yeah we were so stoked to have her at church. One more to go and she can be baptized. We had a ton of people to teach this week it was crazy running all over town and everywhere taking convys (buses) wow things are sweet!
(Luckily we caught him while he was emailing so we could ask questions to clarify some things in his email, we asked why things were getting “wild”)
Yeah so stake president stole money from the wards. The Stake Patriarch is in active as well! Things hit the fan because of this one legged man who has a ton of pride and is telling people not to get baptized. It’s really frustrating but we are working things out!
(So we then asked, “one legged man” huh? We haven’t heard about this one)
Alright so yeah the one legged man sucks! He is a big problem. We are trying to get 3 people baptized and he wants to perform the baptisms. Ok no big deal right, but he doesn’t hold the priesthood at the moment and is telling them to wait and blah blah. He is letting satan attack these people's minds and hearts during this time. They were supposed to be baptized last week and it didn’t happen and not this week either!

Ok so funny story, now I was chilling eating dinner and then all of a sudden they busted out the chilies uhhhh ohh yeah I have been watching everyone else eat them and I was like crap there going to make me eat one I know it! Yep sure enough I did and WOW! I couldn’t even talk for 2 mins. It sucked but I've been liking the spicy food it’s good. Dad you could not do it, you would cry like a girl! I am really surprised on how people live here and how they get by day to day. It’s weird to see how there so dang happy though but it’s a good thing! Hmm what else happened that was funny.... oh yeah so I have come to find out that I can’t speak as well as they can here (yet) but guess what I can actually read and I have all my teeth so HA! Yeah it’s surprising how many people we teach and talk to that can’t read. Last week after I got off the computer we contacted a man down the street yep guess what, he was deaf and mute that was a funny conversation to have I didn’t even need Spanish!
I love you all so much and yes there is more  to come don’t worry. More baptisms this week. I will continue working hard don’t worry.

Oh mom you wouldn’t be able to last here either. 1 its dirty, 2 it’s stinky, 3 you don’t speak Spanish, 4 I wake up in the mornings and have to wipe a little bit of mold off my pants, yummy huh? haha yep its great lol!

Sally, thank you for helping my mom with the blog, Amy too. I know my family is challenged! So papa you old man what is up! can’t believe how old you are gees! So how was the birthday? We can have any dvds that are mormon but not like saints and soliders. What I really want is the one where that old guy finds the church and they come to find out he is a famous rock star or use to be.

Cassie keep your head up;) love you guys!
Dylan your turning 8 next year I want you to read the Book of Mormon with mom and dad and learn why baptism is important and why we do it okay? 

Emmie you’re a goober! No lie you are! Sweet child oh how I miss you running around and screaming! Same goes for you, study about baptism cause I’m going to baptize you when I get home emmers! 

I love you both so much! :)
I have got to go. I love you all so much have a great week! I’m working, you keep reading scriptures okay!

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