Monday, January 2, 2012

First email from Mexico 1/2/2012

We finally heard from Elder Hunsaker in Mexico! He made it there safe and sound on 12/27/2012. It sounds like he is headed for some great adventures and an eternal love of the people of Mexico.  We hope to get some pictures of his life in Mexico soon (also some from the MTC that we have been waiting for).

Okay sit down and buckle up for a laugh. Imagine me sitting in a little tiny building with a bunch of mexicans, it is pouring rain outside like when cars drive the wake is coming up a little past my thigh, yep you guessed it I'm soaked from head to toe. We were walking to do laundry when it started but it was only a little drizzle. After we started our laundry it started to pour haha yay! No poncho just pants and a shirt and tie, oh boy! So we had to walk home drop laundry off then turn around and walk to where ever this place is to email. I am sick don’t know what I have but I am sick (all is well don’t cry mom I’ll be fine) my back from the first night sleeping here has not recovered. I was attacked in the middle of the night by bed bugs. The mosquitoes love to eat me. The food is uhhh yeah, its really really really freaking dirty. I will never be able to use the words poor or dirty ever again without thinking mexico. Nor will I ever forget the smell of this place. I arrived at like 7 at night then got picked up by the mission pres. So glad my other companion is gone.  My first day here I stayed at the ap missionaries house then left in the morining for my area which is Cardenas its pronounced like cardinals without the L. My ward is Los Reyes. I arrived in my area around 6 at night long bus ride and a transfer bus. Then met my new companion who is a local of Mexico City. UH WOW! He speaks so freaking fast its so hard to even catch like 2 words sometimes. The people around here can hardly keep up with his words too! His name is Elder Atenco he is 5ft maybe 5'1 he doesn’t hit my shoulder. So all that stuff I said in the begging isn’t even the good part yet ;) haha chiste

The people here are so crazy its amazing. They give everything they have just to live day in and day out. They feed us lunch everyday (if it’s not spicy it’s not done right) they give everytthiing its amazing so humble. Yes I can’t hardly understand them but they still love me. I love them as well they help with my spanish. They think I’m Mexican though which makes things tough. They love beer that is for sure. I will never use poor and dirty again in my life other than talking about mexico. I love you all so much I want you to know that. They love one another so much here. We have already 10 baptisms set up for this month we just gotta help them prepare. They are so willing to just learn and find the truth its crazy. And yep it is the jungle if anyone was asking or wondering. My apartment or idk how to even or what to call it my home is about the same as a shack. Cold water, bugs, no working toliet, hot nasty. Yep it’s great. I didn’t bring my camera because of the rain I’m sorry but next time I will bring it don’t worry. My companion has 3 months left in his mission. He is such an awesome companion seriously. He speaks not a lick of english however. 

New years was freaking off the wall crazy. It was so sick such a diverse culture here its amazing. They are so crazy, fireworks all day long.

Cassie stop kissing. :P
Dyan stop farting in your room it stinks now I love you dylan :)
Emmie...... Keep being crazy for me :D

it was nice to hear all your voices. oh on the flight here we got lost in the mexico city airport haha 3 of us. and then 3 different ppl all gave us wrong directions for the portal it was funny. 
I cant believe kameron is getting married wow haha! and that richard is married haha crazy.
I had to give a talk in church yesterday haha that sucked freaking tough. it gets dark fast here haha. 

I love you all so much and i hope your all doing really really well :) tell grandma i love her
ill keep praying for those in need 
I love you!!

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