Friday, January 27, 2012

Brad's testimony from 12/26/11

Ok so first off Hola! Que paso mi amigos y amigas! Wow this is crazy actually writing you all and thinking of what needs to be said. I will be blunt and bold, the restored gospel of Jesucristo is true. It is the only way to come unto Christ and live the path which is so narrow and straight. If your having trouble, if your losing faith, if your lonley, if you don’t know where or what to do. "Turn outward." Elder Bednar said when this is said it means not to turn inward which would be like saying  "oh whoa is me" "i can’t do that" or just even having doubt, complaining, living like you have to do nothing and everything needs to be done for you. STOP! Quit being a wuss. Get up and do something for someone else. Turn outward is what Christ has done for us. "there would have been not Atoning sacrifice without the character of Christ." Turn outward means to turn with compassion. This is a story that was shared with us in the MTC.  One day when Elder Bednar was a Stake President he received a call from a hospital. On the line were 2 women. One told Elder Bednar the situation of how 3 girls were in a car crash. One was killed the other 2 were seriously injured. They could not verify who was killed due to the destructive damage of the crash. The other women on the phone was a nurse who worked at the hospital but was not currently on shift and she was also a mother of 1 of the 3 who where involved in this crash. Elder Bednar was to go down to the Hospital and identify who was in the crash and who had lived. The mother who was the nurse, was the one who lost her child. When she was told it was her daughter who was killed she paused for a second or two then only to say to Elder Bednar we need to get ahold of the other 2 mothers and notify them right away of what has happened. He was shocked! In a moment where most of us if not all of us were to be destroyed by emotion this mother turned outward and was trying to help and show compassion. The funeral service was later that week. The day of the funeral the mother, who was also the Relief Society President, received a call a couple hours before the funeral. Another women in the relief society called her up complaining and tearing her down because this lady had been sick with a cold and didn’t receive any meals of sort or anything for her cold. She chewed the relief society president (the mother) out. The women had no idea that she had just lost her daughter. On her way to the funeral that mother who lost her daughter, delivered a meal and then continued onto the funeral service. Turn outward. This mother who had just lost so much continued to show her compasion just as Christ does for us. Without Christ Atonement we would not be able to live. Use the Atonement, for it is our way of showing our faith. Without it we could not turn unto Christ. Repent daily, have a pure heart, and clean hands.
       I had a dream the other day. I was in my bed. I noticed a black hole where my belly button should be but was not. I blew air into it as if it were a ballon. My flesh then began to inflate like a balloon. I looked into the hole only to discover my skin underneath as well! Shocked I blew into it one more time to look.  This time I ripped the hole (which was my belly button of my flesh) only to discover new skin underneath. I tore off the rest of the old skin as if though i was a lizard shedding skin. (Sorry for the gross image girls) as I tore away the old skin underneath was new fresh and clean skin without mark. My body was pure once again from the worldly things. This is my interpertation of the dream. Through my life I have suffered just as many have. I have made mistakes (whats new there) through them I have learned. Through them I have used Christ Atonement to save my self from harm. This dream is a representation of the love Christ has for me. He has given me new life, a new body, new soul and a clean slate to work again. This is Christ love. Use the Atonement of Christ. It is our way of coming home and recieving eternal life. I know that this church is true. I know That Christ will come again. He loves us all and knows us individualy our thoughts and our intentions. Live to be more Christ like. Live to be more worthy. Strive to be your best everyday. Always remember him as he always remembers you. As hard as it may be, love one another. We are the chosen dispensacion of the fullness of time. Use the title, wear it like its the armor of God. For Satan does not want for us to succeed. Oh that crafty Devil who is the father of all lies, do not let him grab ahold of your ankels to slow you down. High step kick up wards and run with the full armor on. Charge to battle but with only the Lord our God on our side. Pray daily. Live the word. Be the living word day in day out. I love you all and am proud you are making the choice of coming to church. Heed the words of everyone around for they are there to protect you. I know these things to be true I know we are here for a reason. I say these things En nombre de Jesucristo Amen.

-Elder Bradford West Hunsaker

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